How does ThinkProgress and other media “keep goading” Trump to start a war?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Lol, mass murder when done by national leaders like Bush, Blair, Sarkozy, Obama, and the Clintons seems to be the new no-consequence game. Their supporters, folks like you apparently, only care if tiny troubles arrive on “homeland” shores. Total impunity for the killers.

Regarding the Republicans, I have no idea whether and where they draw the line of acceptability. I am not a Republican. It is enough for this conversation to know that you express no angst about widespread suffering … as long as it doesn’t affect you personally.

Does that help, Victoria?

P.S. Outfits like WaPo and “thinkprogress” have metastasized the concept of hyperbole. Look at how they applauded Trump’s tomahawking of the Shayrat Air Base. Evidently, they have been sorely aggrieved that Trump hasn’t been warlike enough to suit them. Very little that “thinkprogress” publishes is close to truth, and from what I have seen nothing they publish has much significance, either domestically or globally.

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