Except that during the whole campaign, Trump made promises and guarantees for things the President…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Lol, Victoria, on what basis did you conclude that Hillary Clinton “cares” about the truth? TPP? Marriage equality? Drilling the environment? Slavish devotion to Wall Street? Ukraine, Libya, and Syria? Take your pick. The list is long.

[Note: Obama has been just as bad. Elected on promises and “hope”, much like Slick Willie Clinton before him, and a betrayer of everything his supporters claimed to hold dear. War and more war, incarcerations, despoilation of the environment, deportations, further destruction of low-income families and attacks on the middle class, destruction of any “hope” of ever getting a single payer system … that sort of thing which you may regard as minor.]

Like Trump, Hillary loves the money, but the plain fact is that she has lusted for the Presidency since she was a wee nipper. She would, and did, do anything to get the job.

That is bad, but not nearly as bad as the fact that she lusts after war. She has backed every American war in her history … enthusiastically, with glee. She has been responsible for murdering close to half a million people while in office as Sec.State. Do you know the names, Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice? Did you know that every noxious neocon in America (like Kissinger, Maddy Albright, and Robert Kagan) backed her election run? In fact, with Mr. Obama’s help, she has caused almost as many deaths, mutilations, and displacements as Bush Jr did.

All of that is a matter of public record, and if you don’t know about it, then you have been shirking your duty as a citizen.

If you do know about it, then why do you not care?