“There are corrupt people in the system,” she insisted. They just happened to be Republicans.

Mal, are you seriously claiming that the Democrats are not equally corrupt?

Were you somehow not aware of the DNC stealing the nomination, Foundation pay-for-play, Obama’s and Hillary’s protection of Wall Street, Obama’s and Hillary’s spruiking for international fracking, extension of drilling and pipelines (note how they ignored the Standing Rock protests regardless of law enforcement brutalities), expansions of the incarceration state and the war on drugs (creating vast profits for vendor companies in those areas), expulsions of 2.5 million undocumented immigrants, expansion of the nuclear arsenal … not to mention the destruction of two more sovereign nations to the tune of 600,000+ deaths and many millions of displaced people …

Granted, the Democrats have been far more elegant in putting lipstick on their corruption under the reigns of Billy Clinton and Barack Obama. With the help of msm outfits like the Atlantic, MoJones, NYT, WaPo, NPR, and all the usual suspects, they cloak their depradations beautifully … except the reality is there anyway.

Perhaps in the future, you might think about being a little more ecumenical in your condemnations.