Mr. Freeman,
Michael Pace

Michael, you are assuming a lot of things and ignoring a primary fact.

#1. You have no idea what passed between Mr. Trump and Mssrs. Lavrov and Kislyak in a short, casual conversation.

Also …

# 2. Secrecy is established under Presidential Order. The President is automatically (a) exempt from security classification, and (b) the supreme arbiter regarding what is or is not secret. That is a matter of law, “thinkprogress” hyperbolic rants notwithstanding.

I will add a third set of realities for consideration. We (the U.S.) are the ones responsible for all the Middle East wars that are going on today. We need Russian cooperation to shove the genie back into the bottle and the Russians are the primary force that is defeating the Takfiri jihadis. Any meeting of the minds that we can achieve is a good thing. Why you would object is a mystery.

It is funny … but not really funny at all … how the Dems were anti-Bush, BUT eagerly supportive of every war we have launched since 9/11. When it was Mr. Obama and Ms Hillary doing the slaughter, the Dems were equally avid to continue the old wars and to start new ones. Trump did a couple of abortive bombings and the MSM and the Dems were thrilled that “finally” (after only a few months in office) Mr. Trump was bombing in true “Presidential” fashion.

Wrong-headed is far too kind a descriptor for such depraved hypocrisy.

BTW, the NYT, WaPo, PBS, and “thinkprogress” are woeful liars of long standing. If they are spruiking something, it is sure to be faux-outrage and clickbait. It is our new shameful reality.

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