Barack Hussein Obama drained his swamp, and put in a bunch of liberal democrats.
John Hames

Nice graphic, John. Unfortunately, Hillary and Slick Willie are already far too wealthy to need real jobs. If they need pin money, they will just give some more $300,000 30-minute talks or have some more “books” ghost-written.

Isn’t it a shame that the “clinton foundation” is now closed down? Think of all the good works which never were going to be done which are now not going to be done. But that is not a problem. The Obamas have promised to step in and give $2Million to charity (which will serve the real purpose of spruiking their own “foundation” and “presidential library”) out of their $68Million bonus for books which have not been written yet. Generosity … or tax management? We will leave that question for the accountants to decide.

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