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No, Ken, if people loosely affiliated with the Democratic Party want change, they need to start with the Democratic Party. If you want to hurl invective, hurl it at people like Pelosi, Schumer, both Clintons, Obama and his administration cronies … because … (a) if you don’t know what they have done, you can’t fix anything, and (b) if you allow them to do by deceit and stealth what you think Trump might do, then you are equally to blame.

And … giving up your principles merely renders you unprincipled. That means you are just like Hillary who did do horrible things, with Obama by her side. Point fingers at Bush Jr. for his crimes? Sure, of course. Buy why give Bill Clinton a pass and let Hillary/Obama get away with as much chaos and death as Bush Jr. greated with his wars?

Once again … giving up your principles merely renders you unprincipled. In my book, that is nothing to be proud of.

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