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Sorry, Dean, but there really are some real “Christians” out there. Many of them are thoughtful and incredibly decent people. Sadly, you are only a “Christian” by association. Instead, you are a “Catholic” (did I get that right?) and bigotry comes with the package.

What does the bible get wrong? You have got to be kidding. I know Catholics are supposed to let their church do their research for them, but your question is still strange. Adam’s rib? Noah and the 4th dimension Ark? Completely contradictory versions of the alleged birth and life of Jesus? Mary being an unwed mother impregnated by god? Moses and the “exodus” from Egypt? The list is long, large things and small. Do you want more?

But none of that is significant. The bible is no sillier than the book of mormon or the koran, and worshipping a Jesus is no sillier than worshipping the Monkey God. None of that stops individual human beings from using their brains (allegedly “god-given”) to escape the clutches of dogma.

Yes, Dean, “Christianity” does allow gays to marry. Just some sects like yours do not.

“Adultery. Fornication. Semantics, am I right? It’s all sex outside the confines of marriage, ie. it’s all the same.”

Yes, Dean, sex outside of marriage can be regarded as “all the same” so to speak, although your god is alleged to have hard-wired into human beings (and a long list of non-human animals) a variety of means of sexual expression. You think your god did it, so if you have a beef with that, you should take it up with it.

Bottom line … there is nothing wrong with any sort of consensual sex, whether inside or outside of marriage. If you have any logic or evidence to the contrary, other than my bible tells me so, please share it with the world.