4 Completely Wrong Post-Election Things Democrats Are Fighting About
Nicholas Grossman

That was an awfully good analysis. I have only one quibble … Hillary did not talk about “jobs”, she merely used the word a lot. What she was interested in was TPP, and her history of job destruction goes back to NAFTA which she spruiked in support of her odious husband.

People don’t forget that kind of class warfare, especially when they are on the receiving end of the economic pounding.

The fact is that, while Hillary said “jobs”, she had no interest in finding ways to provide them, and she offered no solutions. She already had her own job … that of working for Wall Street and the conglomerates. She and Slick were very well paid for their services after he left office. She will now retire from the public view (hopefully) and reap more rewards. Perhaps she and Slick will join the Obamas on Branson’s island retreat and sit around in the sun, planning how to invest their payoffs.

That is how things are done in “advanced” countries. Third worlders have to bribe bottom level officials (chump change) for basic services while the oligarchs openly steal everything. In first world countries, we are far more sophisticated. We do our graft under tables covered in linen and decorated with silver cutlery, and our leaders (like Bill, Hillary, Dubya, and Barack) sell themselves on golf courses.

Bottom line … Hillary was an adequate campaigner with an adequately mendacious campaign. Her problem with too many voters was that her corruption was no longer a secret.

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