Your comment, Elsevar, is absurd.
Meredith Hobbs

Uh huh, Meredith. It seems you are both a bigot and also a person unable to research her own biased beliefs. You can use all the blather you want, but you still embrace ignorance. Heck, Meredith, it wasn’t even “tea”. And Martin’s purpose in walking a quarter mile to the 7–11 was not to get candy. His expulsion from school for multiple offenses including possessing stolen goods, burglary tools, and drugs is not directly relevant (only indicative of character and inclinations) and his shopping habits have no direct significance on Martin’s behavior in the complex.

Martin assaulted a human being from ambush, was pounding that person’s head on the concrete, and then ran out of luck.

ALL trial evidence supported that necessary conclusion.

You need to do better research next time. Your exploding head does not qualify.

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