I do not presume to justify the Obama presidency in terms of his war management.
Scott Frady

Yes, Scott, we don’t need to argue. I will point out that you are softballing Obama and hugely inflating Trump. For example, calling Obama’s deadly Syria proxy invasion a “policy” and leaving out Libya and Yemen entirely is to turn reality into a Hallmark Movie of the Week. It has been bloody mass murder, and Mr. O and Hillary did it. How many hundreds of thousands of people have to die before leaders are held responsible?

And no, Mr. O is no more a philanthropist than the Clintons are with their now defunct “Foundation”. The last guy we had who could lay claim to honestly good intentions would be Carter. He screwed up by arming the Taliban to spite the Russians (he was naive enough and enough of a residual Cold Warrior to trust the odious Zbigniew Brzezinski) and has tried to do atonement every day since. Obama and the Clintons bear no resemblance to Mr. Carter.

BTW, your statements about Trump are MSM narrative. For example, there was no “Muslim ban” … unless you are accusing Mr. O of having 2 or 3 “Muslim bans”, since Trump’s executive order was merely an extension of Obama’s most recent one (I know, it received no MSM attention when issued, but it was real enough). Additionally, it is doubtful that … “Bullying has risen. Hate crimes have risen.” (although you could think such a thing based on radical Antifa riots and MSM agitprop) and Trump doesn’t have a healthcare plan at all, so nothing he has proposed will kill any Americans. “… because Ivanka told him to.” is unsourced, unverified, and jaundiced pseudo-reporting from outfits like TMZ, HuffPost, and the jokers at “thinkprogress”. People are being paid by the word for spiteful hit pieces. It is shameful.

[Note, there is nothing I love about Mr. Trump, and little to admire. On the other hand, the Dems are much the same in character, and far more hypocrytical. If they cared about foreign policy and/or progressive domestic issues, they would be spending every bit of their energy working for such things rather than devoting 100% of their energy to character assassination.]

Scott, you seem to be a genuinely decent person. I’m sorry we have met when our topics were at cross purposes. You strike me a a guy that I would much rather relax and discuss the cares and joys of the world with over BBQ and beer (or iced tea if that were your inclination). Best wishes to you, E.

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