At once you decry a color blind theory of the law and then accuse others of racism.
Patrick Trombly

Patrick, your exploration of our general need for ID is one I have contemplated on occasion, but not as thoroughly as you have just done. Some additional list items … ID is also required to receive social welfare benefits including Food Stamps, rent subsidies, WIC, CHIP, Medicaid, and entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. Various kinds of ID are also required to enroll a child in school. You also must provide ID to purchase insurance, including auto, renter’s, and home owner’s.

Moreover, since ID is required for almost everything, state-issued photo IDs are free in most or all states and most social services agencies will either issue them or help people to obtain them.

Unless a person is homeless and completely off the grid, obtaining a free photo ID is a very low hurdle to clear in order to vote.

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