Self definition through language is a powerful way of expressing ourselves to the world and for determining belief and identity. Adopting labels however is like trying to coax an ocean into a box where space and growth can be finite. Eckart Tolle shed light on this beautifully when he wrote that all human beings harbour ‘unfathomable depth’- so it is only natural for us to outgrow perceptions and behavioural moulds over time. As you age you become your own cartographer measuring the peaks of your achievements and the expansion that flows from them like rivers of rose gold. Taking pleasure in mapping the movement of numerous journeys that lead to our eventual evolution as humans and spiritual beings. I have arrived at the word hybrid as a perfect verbal medium to describe an ever-evolving ever-growing self as it permits an organic space for further exploration and metamorphosis without bonding you to the confines of a one-dimensional label. And if people are constantly growing do we ever really know one another? As only we have the honour to track these internal changes and mark them in the individual stories that make up our lives. We are all hybrids in one form or another leaving behind old narratives that no longer fit us and moving into more evolved and enwisened versions of ourselves.

Refining yourself until you become art is a beautiful thing to commit to.

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