Eminer:Mining industry is the infrastructure of BTC world

As we know, mining industry, or infrastructure in the blockchain world, plays the role of integrating underlying hash rate and hardware support. It’s the native industry of blockchain. Digital currency and mining industry supplement each other. The digital currency of PoW ensures its safety with the support of hash rate mining. Without the concentrated hash rate support of mining pools and farms, the safety of digital currency of PoW cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the mining is the most important link in the whole ecosystem.

A part of Eminer mining industry
A part of Eminer mining industry

As the infrastructure of BTC world, mining industry doesn’t exist in isolation. BTC mining develops from the original CPU, GPU mining to current ASIC mining, from the original personal mining to the current pool mining, from the original service-free to current complete supporting service. Through the entire mining industry evolution process, we can see that BTC mining industry has brought out an entire industrial chain around the mining industry development. The miners, mining farms, mining pools and other production devices as well as supporting services such as logistics, accessories and finance all emerged with the development of mining industry and rise in coin price so that the entire mining industry can have better development.

Eminer Hash Rate Service Platform(eminer.pro) has been operated for more than half a year. With a large hash rate (320 P), based on the hash rate of tens of thousands of mining machines, and combining ecological partners which might join Eminer. pro platform in the future, Eminer. pro has provided convenient mining services for users. Currently, Eminer. pro supports the third-party mining field to provide hash rate services for users via competing for EM nodes, and gain EM at nodes or BTC and EM dual rewards.

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