Redemption insurance, what is it?

What is redemption insurance?

During a prize redemption based promotion it’s not easy to foresee how many customers will claim and win. Prize redemption insurance or fixed-fee promotional insurance covers these calculations and provides you with a set price that covers all the costs of a redemption offer or competition, regardless of how many consumers participate. The fixed-fee is the only payment you make for the promotion, EMIRAT will then cover the costs for all claimed rewards regardless of size or quantity.

Why is redemption insurance important?

A competition or promotion based on prize redemption can be very unpredictable, there’s always the chance that consumers may respond better than anticipated, which would result in the activity costing way over your intended budget. This possibility can have a negative effect on your business financials, your marketing budget or leave you behind on prize delivery. Utilising redemption insurance or fixed-fee promotions gives you peace of mind and ensures you never go over your budget. You will know the price of your promotion before it starts!

What are the perks of redemption insurance?

Aside from financial certainty, Fixed-fee promotions allow you to expand your budget and offer bigger rewards or more rewards to build a bigger, more impactful promotion. Should your promotion under-redeem there are options available that allow you to claim money back.

What can EMIRAT offer me?

EMIRAT offer competitive rates, dedicated service and invaluable experience to our clients. We have a collection of unique services and products that will further improve your promotion and increase it’s overall impact. EMIRAT have offices throughout the world including Germany, UK, UAE and the USA.

What’s the outcome?

Our mission is to provide our clients with a flawless service and a financially secure promotion that not only out-performs in every way but also proves to be financially beneficial. We will help you to promote bigger, better and smarter -It’s as simple as that.

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