📈 New record! Bitcoin futures trading volume reaches $ 44.4 billion

The Total volume across all Bitcoin futures markets surpassed $44.4 billion, which is the highest point in 2020 and 1364% more than in the beginning of the year.

💰 Gold and Bitcoin will hit new highs soon — Mike…

🚀 Crypto market is booming, but you didn’t have a chance to hop on earlier? Do not worry — the EMRX IEO is still in progress here — bit.emirex.com/ieotg

🏆 Use your chance to buy EMRX tokens at a special rate of $0.40. Remember, the EMRX token is already trading at $0.5026, so it is a win-win situation for you. If there ever was a no-brainer investment opportunity, this is definitely the one!

📈 EMRX is a long term asset built to support the Emirex Group Ecosystem and power new Emirex products and Services. With Emirex entering the DeFi market with two DeFi products at the same time — the time window to profit from it is limited! Join our community and profit with us now at bit.emirex.com/ieotg

📈 Let’s look at the growth of the DeFi market on CoinMarketCap. Two weeks ago there were 40 tokens, now it is 60. The growth rate of Decentralized finance is 2–3 times higher than the growth of the ICO market in 2017, but then these were mostly fraudulent projects, while…

🚀 ETH price peaks since July 2019

According to CoinMarketCap, over the past day, the price of ETH has grown by 6.8% and exceeded $ 324. The upward price movement began last Wednesday when Ether rose from $ 245 to $ 262 in about ten minutes. On Thursday afternoon, ETH…

EMISWAP is coming!

DeFi is the new Crypto Boom! Here at Emirex, we want to help our community and investors to reap the full benefits of the explosion of DeFi popularity.

In addition to our Emirex DeFi instrument, we will be releasing a Decentralized exchange co-owned by our community! …

During the last two years, the total value of funds blocked in Defi has grown x25 times and now exceeds $ 3 billion. We are now witnessing the explosive growth of this market.

With more than + 134.8% new addresses and +33.6% active addresses, Ethereum network activity shows that on-chain activity is the same as during the 2017 bull market even though the price is still far from its peak.

Traditionally lending platforms dominated the DeFi space, but DEXES (decentralized exchanges) and derivatives platforms have also shown rapid growth in recent years.

We at the Emirex team, fully understand the potential of DeFi products and instruments. That’s why we will be releasing both Emirex DeFi and EmiSWAP in the near future.

More information will be available tomorrow, stay tuned!


Emirex is partnering with CryptoAds in launching CRAD’s IEO!

The CryptoAds platform, which aims to replace the current monopoly to the transparent, trustworthy, and decentralized way of cooperation between publishers and advertisers, is launching it’s IEO on EMIREX Exchange.

Platform allows to sell/buy and exchange advertisement between app publishers/developers.

🧩CRAD, CryptoAds’ token, is used to incentivize publishers and advertisers to cooperate, grow business more efficiently, and build value in the most measurable and transparent way!

👉Start your altseason with the right asset!


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