SaaS Customers Aren’t Lazy — They’re Busy
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

jeez, I feel like becoming a fan of your writing… too many touch points to your content in the past few months :)

We (Millennials) expect everything to be intuitive, we dont read tutorials for software, since we “Know Software”.

In turn, we expect to be engaged by gamification, smoothly run through a process, one click install and setup.

And we are busy, hedonistic but busy in our hedonism.

I for my part know that I work hard, and I play even harder, as if life is just about to end, so I dont need a step learning curve on a new software / webapp which might, or might not help me to work more efficient.

This is why I use Canva instead of Photoshop, Wordpress instead of custom made websites, Twitter login instead of manual sign up…

When SaaS expect me to “Learn them” before I can gain value from them, they lose me… as simple as that

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