A Thank You Note to Ryan Lochte
Dave Pell

Thanks, Ryan, for the scandal!!! It’s given me an opportunity to focus on something other than Hillary’s lies, Obama’s incompetence(and traitorous acts), and Trump’s fumblings…

All in all, a welcome diversion; other than the embarrassment I feel as an American from someone who is supposed to represent our great country in the games meant to instill pride in our individual nations, accomplishments of our national “heroes”, and the wonder of the accomplishments of those individuals from “other” countries. They make us forget the politics/abuses/terror of those specific countries and marvel at what those under those regimes have managed to accomplish(though it’s worth noticing that as many of those as are allowed do the majority of their training in the US.

Many athletes have used the worldwide appeal of “the games” as springboards for their own personal causes, or just personal… the WNBA player who announced her Lesbianism and upcoming marriage to her long-time partner(was not forthcoming about her name, but have to wonder why, since I won’t be hard for Google to spout out what everyone will be searching for… a further and pre-meditated attempt at recognition. There are other examples, but this was the easiest to spew forth.

I guess your best wasn’t good enough(fifth place???), so you had to make a spectacle of yourself(illegally, immorally, ethically), all traits diametrically opposed to those supported by the existence of the games themselves!!!

Congrats, you’ve succeeded!!! Now, live with the consequences…

For me, I’ll go back to Fox News, whenever they aren’t interviewing some idiot with green hair!!!

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