Why I don’t get THESE GUUYS

Especially the ones running businesses supposedly C-levels professionals.

They claim to look for Great TALENT, that’s how they call you when you’re just out of Graduate Schools and supposedly barely know how a business operates.

When you prove them wrong and how smart you are in an interview answering stupid questions like: “ what’s your 5 years plan?”

My head bups up like this: “Lady do you really, really want to know where I plan to be in five years?”

Cause if I tell you the only thing you will do is penwritting it and put my Resume in the nearest TRASH BIN.

I take the risk: “ Well in a leadership Position”

Remember I said Leadership position not your POSITION cause I sense that’s how you get it.

“Oh, that young black lady barely experienced wants to win this Head of Sales role over” She ain’t yet ready. Bet on me.

Manner of fact I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR POSITION. Keep it, hold it tight.

Or to that C-level dude asking me whether I’m afraid of any C-level managers, bankers, lawyers and so one…

No I’m not, why should I?

The only pain I can have is to bear their mysoginic talks. This I can face.

Better, after the ITW for that they call you back arguing:

“You weren’t assertive enough”

Here’s what I get: You can still apply, but matter of fact your skin color, your degree will never grant you that position. Figure out some place else to try. And of course good luck! It was nice seing your pretty face at the ITW.


Why I don’t get THESE GUUYS:

  • They insult my intelligence anytime they can
  • But hope me to believe in their fucking goods or services to bring me joy or happiness
  • I must bear their burden of my skin color innocence in silence
  • I must bear their lack of knowledge and ignorance, prejudices IN SILENCE
  • They have the full right to be harsh with me, whereas I must shout my mouth down and praise them
  • Let them control my life as much as they can

But I’ve never tried to get you — cause I know one thing for sure I’d be wasting my dawn precious time.

I sense you don’t get me that’s the biggest thing. I am too much of a smart and visionary person.