How Your Kids Can Be On the Front Lines of Fighting Climate Change

“Guess what dad! We’re taking Alex and Katie down today!”

It’s 6pm, and you walk in through the door after a long day of work to your kids running around the house switching off the bedroom lights, excitedly checking the screen on their iPad to see if they’re beating their friends from across the street. The whole week, they have been competing against their neighbors and friends from school, getting achievements, leveling up, and earning points.

This is not your typical game of Flappy Bird or Candy Crush, though — it is a game that fuses together the online world and reality. Your kids wake up before you in the morning, impatient to check their standing and see what their goals to accomplish are that day as they receive notifications to put their clothes up to air dry, reduce their shower time to 5 minutes, and turn off the Christmas lights before going to bed. When they get home from school at 3pm, they check to see if they are still beating Alex and Katie’s family, and see how far you are from reaching Level 5.

ENERj helps not only you, but is also fun for your kids

Now it’s the end of the month, and the dreaded bill inevitably arrives from your electricity company. Every month you’ve been going over the $100 you expect it to be, and seem to have no control over it. However, this month is different — for the first time your bill surprises you, and you only owe $90 for the month.

Welcome ENERj, the future to decreasing energy consumption in your home and saving you money each month. ENERj creates a platform where everyone is an integral part of the solution towards energy consumption management by offering guidance and an incentive structure for making impactful changes to individual behavior. By using Smart Meters already installed in homes that measure your energy consumption throughout the day, we provide feedback to you, tracking your daily energy use and offering solutions and ideas for reducing this consumption and modifying your daily habits.

This is a revolution of saving energy: our small actions can have a big collective impact when all added together. We now have in our hands the power to be active participants in solving our environmental woes, and no longer feel a sense of helplessness when faced with confronting some of the most pressing issues of our generation. We don’t have to wait for grand sweeping measures that will bring change in 5, 10, or 15 years — you can start making a difference now.

An interactive and mobile app experience

ENERj not only guides you as an individual throughout the day in making meaningful changes to your quotidian actions, but also takes into account your entire community and schedules your activities in the perfect order to optimize your energy bill. By measuring when people are at their peak energy use — aka, when energy prices become the highest — ENERj indicates when is the best time to take a shower, use your hair dryer, or charge your phone in order to avoid using large amounts of energy at peak times. Instead of hopping into the shower at 7am, turning on your coffee machine at 7:20am, and using your hair dryer at 7:40am, like everyone else, ENERj will prompt you to instead mix up the order of these actions, so that you are avoiding the wave of high energy use.

Imagine a future where you have this high-tech, innovative way to take control of your own energy usage, without having to be able to analyze the data and numbers you see hidden on the last page of your energy bill. ENERj not only benefits you, but also your neighbor, your friends, your utility company, your planet.

An energy revolution is on the horizon

Utilities tend to have a disconnect with their customers — the only sort of interaction you ever have with your utility company is generally one based off of dissatisfaction and discontent, complaints and criticisms. By offering ENERj to their customers, utilities can melt the divide between their huge corporation and their millions of individual customers, enhancing their customer satisfaction levels and providing a completely new approach to monitoring energy use.

Say Pepco incorporates this app into their strategy of working: now, you can see exactly where your money is going to, track throughout the month how much energy you have used in both kilowatts and dollars, and visually watch how your individual actions are actually making a difference on a large scale — all while having fun and competing against your friends and neighbors.

A new era of energy efficiency is on the horizon. Let’s see how you can make a difference with ENERj.

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