Size over substance — the evolution of computers

One of the many reasons to love working at Transform are conversations like this — today’s — the evolution of computing. It all started when our Head of Marketing, Emma Honeybone, shared the following tweet from Vala Afshar — partly because she loves location photos that compare past with present and partly because, let’s face it, sometimes we forget how far we’ve come.

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And the team liked it too…

“Correct me if I am wrong but that looks like the “ICL OkiCoki 1000.”

“Somewhere I have a picture of an ICL Mainframe being delivered on the back of a Young’s Brewery Dray. It had a massive 8GB of Hard Drive Storage… this came in two 4GB Cabinets plus a disk controller… each box was the size of our black stationery cupboard. My iPhone has 4x the capacity.”

“I always wondered what was in those black cupboards at the back of the office.”

“I saw that grin of excitement when you came across the mainframe / datacentre at that Australian Air Safety Authority. A full room of flashing lights and whirring machines…not sure it gets any better?”

“I’ve just done a google image search to find the mainframe room at my first job — I started there in 1979. Obviously nada on google but I can tell you it was a room the size of Engine’s ground floor, they were still using punch cards and it served a big network of dumb terminals (with even dumber operators)!”

“Amazeballs. Still, the real deal is about a million times faster.

Transform. Where there’s always time for nostalgia as well as time to use our own personal computing power to consider what’s coming over the hill next.

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