Enecuum Partnership With SWAPS Network

Jul 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Enecuum, the blockchain mobile network for decentralized applications, launched the swap function available in Web version between ENQ ERC-20 and any Ethereum ERC-20 tokens without exchange.

Enecuum users able to easily participate in the staking system for mobile masternode which has already started. Swap program was implemented in the partnership with SWAPS.NETWORK — an OTC (Over-the-Counter) Global Liquidity Pool and fully decentralized solution for token swap. It accumulates all trades on the market and connects sellers and buyers from around the world.

Mikhail Sayfullin, Enecuum CEO commented:

Exchange between ENQ ERC-20 and Ethereum tokens is a first step of the Enecuum and SWAPS.NETWORK cooperation. In future, we will add the functions of interoperability between Enecuum blockchain and other blockchains such as Binance Chain, NEO, TRON etc. Also, for all tokens released on the platform there will be a possibility for OTC swap with other blockchain.

SWAPS.NETWORK has successful experience in launching projects based on blockchain technology. SWAPS.NETWORK team released the MyWish platform — the leading platform for Smart contracts generation supported by TRON, EOS Community, NEO, Waves and Binance. And created more than 6000 contracts since 2017.

Also, SWAPS.NETWORK helps Enecuum with the swap integration into the ETH network.

Now, you can easily swap ENQ tokens into any Ethereum token:

For example you have ELF tokens and there is no ENQ-ELF trading pair on exchange. So you can swap them in the SWAPS.NETWORK. There is no commission, you only pay for gas to make a transaction.

In the video below, you can see how to easily create and use a contract to exchange ETH and ERC20 tokens in Ethereum blockchain, which you can now use to exchange any tokens to ENQ and vice versa.

Stay tuned for more updates in our Telegram channel.

Keep calm and continue mining!


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Blockchain Mobile Network for Decentralized WEB 3.0 Applications enecuum.com

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