Building the Body of Knowledge

Apr 3, 2019 · 3 min read

[Written by Marc Olijslagers — KULeuven]

The Body of Knowledge (BoK) on EO/GI builds on the BoK on the geospatial (GI) domain created in the GI-N2K project. Over the next years the content of this BoK will be reviewed, updated and expanded with knowledge related to Earth Observation (EO). To facilitate this work, 7 working groups (WG) are established, each dedicated to different knowledge areas in the BoK. 3 of these WGs concentrate on the existing GI knowledge areas while the other 4 WGs will start adding EO concepts to the BoK. The focus of the different WGs is as follows:

· GI WG1 Methods and Foundations

· GI WG2 Visualization & GI systems

· GI WG3 SDI and related

· EO WG4 Physical principles

· EO WG5 Platforms, sensors, and digital imagery

· EO WG6 Image processing and analysis

· EO WG7 Thematic and application domains

Practically, in a first phase until end of June 2019, the GI working groups will concentrate on the assessment of the current content of the GI BoK. In parallel, the EO WGs will compose a list of new concepts for the EO related knowledge areas. This first task will mainly be accomplished by experts from the EO4GEO partners.

In the next phase, starting from July, all experts will be invited to contribute to the elaboration of the concepts defined in the first phase. At the same time the relations between the different concepts are defined. These relations will cross the borders of the different working groups and this will lead to a tight integration between the EO and GI parts of the BoK.

This work will continue during the EO4GEO project. The long term goal is to establish an active network of experts that will maintain the BoK beyond the project’s lifespan. This work will be supported by a technology trends watch that monitors and analyses the evolution in space/geospatial and related sectors.

An image of the Body of Knowledge

The Use of the Body of Knowledge

The BoK itself will be a rich vault of information on the EO/GI domain. This value can only be exploited if tools are available to easily access and use the information in the BoK: A BoK browser to explore the data in the Bok, a findInBok tool to link BoK concepts to your own information, a CD Tool to create curricula based on the BoK concepts or a Job Profile Tool to build Job profiles or CVs, again making use of the BoK content. While the working groups are enriching the BoK with high quality content, EO4GEO is also working on such tools for the BoK exploitation. But that’s a story for another article.


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An innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the EO/GI field

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