6 Reasons Why You Should Vote EOS Canada for Block Producer

The EOS Network will lead the introduction of the 3rd generation blockchains into mainstream adoption. EOS Canada wants to help secure and build this revolution based on 6 pillars through which we shine as a Block Producer: Technology, Experience, Tools, Leadership, Education, and Stability.

1. Leading Through Technology

Our strongest contributions to date have been on the technological front. Our vetted, highly secure and enterprise-grade infrastructure brings peace of mind to users, knowing a solid service offering can sustain the growing demand: reliable endpoints, 24/7 monitoring and disaster recovery.

In addition, we have built tools and software products that already transformed how people interact with EOS. Most importantly, our deep knowledge of the EOS blockchain puts us in a leading position to help manage challenging decisions that can affect the current or future state of the blockchain.

2. Experienced Team

EOS Canada is founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with strong technological skills, who have worked together on major big data and security projects. We had built one of the most trusted password management systems, PasswordBox, that kept safe millions of users’ passwords worldwide, which was acquired by Intel Corp. (INTC) in 2014.

3. Tools for the Community

EOS Canada has built multiple tools for the community. The first was our fully-fledged Golang API library, to allow developers to interact with the EOS platform using a language other than C++. Our next was the BIOS Boot software, which allows for an automated and decentralized launch of an EOSIO network. We have also built `eosc`, a tool which allows for secure offline management of your EOS private keys, as well as secure voting on the EOS network.

4. Strong Leadership

EOS Canada has been part of the most transformative EOS discussions since early on. We offered revenue analysis models and constant input to help shape the governance structure of the platform, including the Constitution and the Worker Proposals Fund. We also lead the onboarding of many Block Producer Candidates to the EOS-BIOS software, we had strong impact on bridging widely diverse communities from around the world, to successfully launch the EOS mainnet.

5. Education

EOS Canada has put out many articles and videos, ranging from introductory-level, to more advanced code-based explanations and tutorials. We strive to share our knowledge and expertise to those who want it, so that we can enrich the experience of all EOS developers and users. We have a presence on many social media platforms, always available for the community to reach us and answer their questions. We are well versed on all aspects of the EOS blockchain, both technical and non-technical.

6. Stability

Our infrastructure is located in Canada, one of the most stable countries on a political, economical and social level. We have a close proximity to the United States, while maintaining our independence. Through our backing from strong Canadian financial players and our network of legal advisors and accountants, we are well positioned to defend the interest of EOS token holders from within Canada.

How to Vote for EOS Canada?

To vote for EOS Canada as a Block Producer for the EOS blockchain, use the user account: eoscanadacom. We recommend that you should review our tool `eosc`, an easy to use command line tool for storing your private keys and voting.

Originally published at www.eoscanada.com.