In the next few day´s you can look in your Dashboard and you will see that there are new applications available.
Our lending program and our internal exchange will be online in the next time, but only as a Beta-Version! However, the functions will initially be limited.

The community is growing very fast, we are currently 1550 active users, thank´s for your support. You are amazing!💯

Your EPOS-Team!

On the MyEtherWallet Dashboard, click add custom tokens.

It opens a new field where you have to enter the token contract adress, token symbol and decimal.

Token Contracct Address: 0xde52f2b635db374c1ac139ee2b657f219e1429e7

Token Symbol: EPOS

Decimals: 8

So stay tuned, your EPOS-Team! 💯
TELEGRAM ➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS
NEWSLETTER ➡️ https://epos-ico.io/

Our lending platform is ready for the start, the last optimizations will be implemented this week.
The platform officially launches 5 days after the last sale. 🔜
In our whitepaper you will find more detailed information.

So stay tuned, your EPOS-Team! 💯
TELEGRAM ➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS
NEWSLETTER ➡️ https://epos-ico.io/


We updated our dashboard. We have improved the overview and some features. In the next few days will come once again an update from the dashboard.🔄✅

So stay tuned, your EPOS-Team!💯

TELEGRAM ➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS


We are currently testing the wallet application. The beta software is already running. On april the alpha version will be available for our customers.📱🔃

Stay tuned, your EPOS-Team!💯🚀

TELEGRAM ➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS


Our website and the whitepaper have been extended to our customers’ wishes. Part of the extension includes information and explanations of the EPOSoftware.
➡️ https://epos-ico.io/
➡️ https://epos-ico.io/whitepaper.pdf
Check it out ✅

Your EPOS-Team!

We have updated our website and our white paper🔄

Check it out➡️ https://epos-ico.io/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

E-mail 📩 suppor@epos-ico.io

TELEGRAM➡️ https://t.me/EPOSNEWS

⚠️ To all active users, you have to clear the cache of your computer to be able to call the current page. Ctrl + F5 ⚠️

Your EPOS-Team!


Thank you for your numerous feedbacks about the whitepaper and the website. We took your concern very seriously and decided to expand the website and the whitepaper. Over the next 24 hours the extended website and the whitepaper will be online. We look forward to the numerous feebacks for renewal.✅💯


Let´s rock and don´t forget Everyting is Possible!

400 active users in 10 day´s !!🚀

That´s incredible, can´t believe that our community is growing so fast.
Thank you to all our supporters your are crazy and awesome at the same time!💯

Looking forward into a big future and let us rock this ICO 🔥🔝

We have to say THANK YOU to you all. Unbeliveable what happend in the last few day´s. That was only possible with your help.

You are amazing!

That was just the beginning, looking forward to a great future!

And remember — Eerything is Possible!


EPOS — Everything Possible! Lending / Staking / Trading Our Pre-ICO starts at 02.18.2k18

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