5 Reasons You Should Try Workplace Minimalism

Minimalism is already being embraced in all aspects of our lives. With the fast pace of technology and consumerism, many people are seeking a way to slow down and focus on what’s important. But, have you considered how minimalism may also help you to stay focused at the office? Here are 5 reasons you should try workplace minimalism.

1. You’ll be less distracted.

We all know how easy it is to get distracted when we should be working. You open a browser tab to search for information, and the next thing you know you’ve been reading a completely unrelated article for thirty minutes. But, it’s not just technology. Just having too many items on your desk greatly increases your chance of losing focus.

That means choosing your office possessions wisely. Studies have already shown that keeping a plant at your desk increases productivity, but you can take it a step further. Opt for plants that require little care so you get the benefits with fewer added worries. Succulents are a great option.

2. You’ll save time by avoiding confusion.

Got three different productivity apps? Chances are some of the features overlap. Cull your office toolbox down to the things you really need. You’ll save yourself time by not having to switch between tools or search for the features you need (or where you saved that file!).

Each time you consider adding a new piece of technology, like a phone system, to your office, ask yourself if there isn’t a simpler way to accomplish the same tasks. Rather than clunky, expensive handsets, you may be better served simply using video conferencing capabilities on a smart productivity app. Instead of installing smart boards that don’t support Android or iOS, use a standard white board and snap a photo with your smartphone. You can easily share the image throughout the office.

3. Workplace minimalism reduces stress.

Research from Roberta Lee, M.D., confirms that fewer visual distractions equal less stress. We get tense when we’re surrounded by clutter. And, it makes it harder to find the things we need. That applies to both digital and physical clutter.

4. Switching to electronic communications cuts waste.

Switching to electronic communication methods is one of the simplest ways to incorporate minimalism into your workday. You know those meeting where you not only see the PowerPoint presentation, but you’re also handed a packet with the full printout of slides? That just creates more desktop clutter. The next time you think about printing out documentation, consider whether offering it digitally is a better option for your team. Bonus: Cutting down on waste also cuts cost on office supplies!

5. Creating space encourages collaboration.

Removing unnecessary partitions or cubicles in your office space and allowing a more open floor plan lets team members have access to each other. Visibility opens up opportunities for collaboration and creativity. Just don’t replace partitions with more desks and workers crowded into one place! Space means a little elbow room to create a relaxing and productive work environment.

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