Developing a Commute for Telecommuting

For anyone who works from home for all or most of their job, you may find your routine starting to lag and get a bit lazy. When your work is where you live, it can be difficult to draw the line between working and just hanging out around your house. And, that’s a problem. If you don’t mentally feel like you are at work, your productivity can slide. To prevent that, you should develop a routine that helps you to feel like you are going to work. In that vein, this article suggests ways for developing a commute for telecommuting.

Go somewhere to work

I know, the whole point of telecommuting is that you get to avoid your annoying commute to work each day. However, sometimes just going somewhere and leaving your house can make all the difference in how productive you feel. After all, if you know you are going somewhere specifically to get work done, you’re not going to be thinking about what’s on television or whether you should take fifteen minutes to fold your laundry. Plus, if the place you go to get into the right mindset is a public area, such as a coffee shop, you might just feel the pressure to be productive if other people are watching you sitting idly at your laptop.

Go somewhere not to work

Wait, we were talking about productivity, so why would I suggest that you go somewhere with the intention of not working? The idea is that if you get out of your house at some point during the day, it will refresh you both mentally and physically. Maybe working at a coffee shop isn’t for you, and you really get a lot done in your home office. Get yourself out of your house anyway. Meet someone for lunch. Go for a walk at the park. Take a short trip to the library. You’ll stretch out your muscles, and heading back home will feel like you are actually heading back to work.

Interact with other people

Whether you leave your house to work somewhere else for part of the day or you just go out to the gas station during your break, make it a point to interact with people every day. Working from home means by necessity that you are working by yourself, without co-workers. However, you can find ways to make yourself feel like you still exist to the external world. Just knowing that you have a daily routine of going to pick up a coffee or magazine somewhere offers you the opportunity to interact with another human being. Why is that important? Expecting an interaction outside your home reminds you to continue showering, dressing, and fixing your hair, just as you would if you went to the office. Don’t underestimate the power of grooming yourself to boost your self-confidence and make you feel happier.

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