EPS: A Rising Start-Up — See How It Compares to Microsoft Office 365

We are excited to announce the launch of our Enterprise Productivity Software (EPS)!

To introduce you to the features and benefits, we are providing detailed comparisons of how our service stands up against some of the biggest competitors in the market. We are so confident that EPS provides everything your company needs to improve team and individual efficiency that we’re telling all in this comparison series. This article compares the services of EPS to those offered through Microsoft Office 365 business suite.

Select a plan?

First, let’s take a look at pricing. With EPS, there’s just one plan. You don’t have to pay extra to access all the amazing features in our application. Microsoft actually offers four different plans with varying levels of functionality — ProPlus, Enterprise E1, Enterprise E3, and Enterprise E5. And, the price for plans ranges widely. In fact, you’re paying over $10 more per user per month to go from ProPlus to E3. The difference? E3 offers business class calendar functions (through Outlook), video conferencing (through Skype), cloud audio calling, team communication platforms, video file sharing, and encryption services that ProPlus does not.

How does EPS stand up against that? We also offer business class calendar functions (through EPS), video conferencing (through EPS), cloud audio calling, team communication platforms within the app, and secure video file sharing. And, everything already comes integrated in our one application — no need to use other apps like Skype or Outlook! More importantly, we don’t make you pay extra for those features. It’s all included. Also, we never make you pay extra for our encryption services. EPS provides end to end encryption for all our users.

Need more features?

If your company uses the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus plan, you get significantly fewer features than those using the Enterprise software. However, you can add on those functions…for a fee. Skype Business costs an additional $6.70 per user per month. Communicating with team members on the EPS platform? No additional cost — $0. And, EPS offers all the same communications features:

  • One-on-one and group instant messaging
  • Audio calling
  • Group video conferencing
  • Secure file sharing
  • Emojis
  • Translation

Today’s global economy means that many businesses now have partners, satellite offices, and independent contractors working across the world. Not everyone is going to be proficient in the language spoken at your home office, and you may not be fluent enough to write in their language either. EPS had global collaboration in mind when we integrated a multi-language translation function into all of our communications features. We offer dozens of languages with instant forward and back translation so that whoever you are collaborating with can stay on track from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Office 365, on the other hand, requires you to have a separate application open (Skype) for real-time communication and translation.

What if you want to get efficient task management, project management, and reports? Again, you’ll have to set up and pay for an additional Microsoft application — Microsoft Project, which is a whopping $30.40 per user per month in addition to your fee for Microsoft Office 365. Or, you could simply use EPS with its integrated project management features that allow you to set and prioritize tasks, set notifications, add team members to projects, edit project details, and receive reports on project progress.

No need to install extra software or plug-ins

The bottom line is that EPS does not require you to install any extra software or plug-ins in order to get a full suite of secure features. Everything is accessible in one simple browser. Sound good? Try EPS today for free and watch your team’s productivity soar.

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