How to Spend Less Time and Energy and be More Productive

“You may delay, but time will not”
Benjamin Franklin.

All human beings are gifted with a precious asset that is Time. Unfortunately, this non-chargeable resource can be exchanged for no currency in this world. The inevitable fact is we are racing against time as it passes very quickly.
In your life, you have past moments that you wish you could bring them back, but neither can you pay money for it nor do you have access to a magic crystal ball. Therefore, use and coddle the treasure of time as wisely as possible and try not to waste a second of it.
The best strategy is to try to make the most out of every single minute. Time can become your best friend and help you build a path to a bright future.

If you unconsciously lose track of time and waste this valuable resource, you may find it as your biggest enemy that dominates you and your life. I want to bring into your attention two important words that I used in the last sentence:
1) Time wasting is “unconsciously”, yes nobody has the intention of having this habit.
2) You “May” know that you are battling against time. Many people never figure out why they have an unproductive life. There is a simple fact! Start thinking about it!
If this describes your current situation, then it is the time for a change.
Look the second hand of the clock! It is like a race runner maintaining at perfect race pace and never tend to stop. You cannot freeze it and stop it from moving, instead you can have it under your control by prioritizing tasks to highly-important, important and unimportant.
Pareto principle known as 80–20 Rule can help us change our lives. Here is whatWikipedia said about this Principle:

“The Pareto principle states that for many events roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. For example, 80 percent of a company’s sales are made by 20 percent of its sales staff “

Let us change our lives by applying this simple rule. First step is to have a clear mind about the goals and what we want to achieve in a specific period of time and move progressively toward those goals.
Be careful and realistic! Do not crate massive to-do-lists that are out of your capability. Let us bear in mind that 20 percent of the work that really matters accounts for 80 percent of our outputs and at the same time saves much time and energy.

We have to learn how to leverage 80–20 Rule in our life by focusing our attention largely on the important 20 percent portion of our plans that will bring us 80 percent of the achievements.
This will make our life easier we will be less stressed and more relaxed and successful as a result.
Let us start it from now!

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