Watch Out Google Apps! There’s a New Player in Productivity

Enterprise Productivity Software (EPS) is here! And, we’d like to introduce you to the advantages of using an all-in-one web application for your productivity needs. EPS takes care of project management, task management, time management, secure file sharing, and efficient communications methods so you and your team can get your work done efficiently. Whether you’re an enterprise-level corporation, a small business owner, or an independent contractor, EPS has the productivity tools you need. This article compares the services of EPS to those offered through Google Apps.

Do you really want multiple platforms?

Although Google claims they have the complete package, their solutions for different problems are not integrated within their main product. Google describes their products like this, “Google Apps for Work is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that offers your business professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings, and much more.” Sounds pretty good, right?

However, you don’t need multiple “apps” to take advantage of all these features. EPS combines the same features that Google offers in their multiple separate apps as integrated modules within one application. Shared calendar? Check. Online document editing and storage? Check. Video meetings? Check.

With Google, you need to set up Google Calendar, Gmail, Hangout, Google Docs, and Google Drive to “integrate” all these features. With EPS? That’s it. You set up your EPS account and you are ready to roll.

And, setup isn’t the only consideration. Do you really want to have five or more applications open in order to complete your daily work? Imagine it — or maybe you’re already living it. You have to click through multiple screens searching for the functionality or file you need. Or, you may even have to check multiple devices to find the one you saved a particular document on. Using EPS, you have no need to switch between multiple browsers, tabs, apps, or devices. All of your team’s work and communications get done in one convenient web application that’s accessible from whichever device you are using — smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

You don’t have to pay more to get more

With all these different platforms, your accounting procedures only get more complicated. At an enterprise level, most of the Google Apps require monthly payment schemes. Each app has a different payment plan, and you often have to pay more for additional storage space. Not so with EPS. All of our functions are available with one convenient monthly payment plan, and every user hasunlimited storage space. You never have to pay extra for more space. And, you don’t pay more for additional features — you get everything. And, you get it without the confusion of multiple prices.

Additional features in EPS

Google is good at what they do, but EPS is designed with your business in mind. Google has been trying to play catch-up by creating new apps with the latest functionality. But, EPS was created with a plan to provide everything business users need. Instead of patching together a series of collaborative productivity apps, we bring you one smart productivity app that, in addition to the above features, also provides:

  • Project management (not available through Google Apps)
  • Task management (not available through Google Apps)
  • Group instant messaging (not available through Google Apps)
  • Video/audio conferencing with both internal and external users (with Google Apps only available with other registered users)
  • File sharing with both internal and external users (with Google Apps only available with other registered users)
  • Multiple language translations (with Google Apps only available through workarounds with Google Translate)

Ultimately, Google does offer a variety of services, but accessing them requires you to set up each separate application and switch between them as you work. Even if they do eventually add additional functionality, it will only add to the number of apps, confusion, and price inflation of getting all the productivity tools you need. EPS keeps all the functionalities you need in one convenient browser window with one clear pricing plan. Try EPS today for free and find out how easy maximum productivity can be.

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