Why You Should be Willing to Step Outside Your Usual Work Roles

At most offices, everyone has assigned roles that they fill, even if you work at a fledgling company where each team member has to wear several different hats. But, personal and career growth only happens when you step outside your comfort zone. And sometimes that requires you to try on a role that you don’t usually take at work. You may just find that it leads to better relationships with your team and better insight for yourself. Here’s a more thorough explanation of why you should be willing to step outside your usual work roles.

Familiar is not necessarily good

People have a tendency to want to stick with what is familiar. Familiar routines, places, and people are comfortable. However, the downside to familiarity is that we may feel comfortable with it even if it is not in our best interest. The only way to grow is to get uncomfortable, and that goes for your work life as well. Sticking to the well-defined roles of your current position may certainly be comfortable, but it’s not likely to get you any further ahead.

Far more opportunity awaits

What you currently do is only one small portion of all the opportunities available to you. Stepping outside your usual roles means taking a chance at those new opportunities. The possibility that you will just keep on doing the same old things and someone will notice and present you with an opportunity for growth is small.You have to be the one to grab that opportunity. Not reaching for those opportunities will eventually land you in a rut, and that means you won’t be happy at what you do.

Changing it up leads to more productivity

How does having more things to do increase your productivity? Basically, it revs up your engines and refreshes your perspective on the job. When you fall into the same old pattern of tasks day in and day out, you can end up doing just the minimum amount of work to complete your assignments. But, doing the minimum never got anyone anywhere. Find your drive to learn to new things again. You may actually start to feel more energized about your work.

How can you get these benefits?

Here are a few suggestions for stepping outside your work comfort zones:

  • Identify your weaknesses. If there’s a particular part of your job that you think you’re just no good at — like talking to people, for instance — make an effort to do that more. Like everything in life, you only get better with practice.
  • Seek out opportunities. If there are skills or qualities that would make you a better participant in your field, find ways to practice them. Maybe you can take a class or join in for group volunteer activities.
  • Don’t think of changes as permanent. Allow yourself to explore growth avenues. Remember, you can always change again later or explore a different path. But, you’ll never know if you don’t look into it.

Trying on a new role occasionally can help you to feel happier and more productive in your career. Follow our blog at EPSFamily to learn more ways to grow at work.

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