Working from Home? Stay Focused with These Tips

Telecommuting either part-time or full-time can lead to greater work satisfaction and better productivity, but it also puts greater responsibility on the worker. How do you make sure you don’t get distracted by unrestricted Internet access, not to mention access to all your personal favorite sources of entertainment lurking right around the corner from your desk? We have a few tips to help you stay focused while working from home.

Keep work hours

When you are putting in work hours away from the office, you have more freedom to use your time as you see fit and take breaks when you like. However, the tasks still need to get done, and deadlines still exist. Because of that, you have to stay disciplined in order to succeed at working from home. An easy way to stay on task is to establish work hours, and make sure everyone else knows them, too. If your friends or family members start showing up at the door of your home office or start sending multiple text messages just to chat, you need to remind them that even though you are at home, you are still “at work”. Tell them your work hours, and assure them that you will get back with them when you have time for a break.

Dress the part

Many people joke about how wonderful it would be to work from bed in their PJ’s. Sure, it might be fun for a couple of days when you first start telecommuting, but the truth is we get more done (and do better work) when we feel like a professional. You don’t necessarily need to dress like you would for the office, but at least put on clothes you would feel okay wearing outside of the house. Don’t believe it? This study found a definite difference in participants’ attention to tasks depending upon how they viewed their clothing.

Switch it up occasionally

Setting a routine for when you sit down at the desk in your home office can be a big help for getting you into the mindset for work. However, we all get into productivity slumps. When that happens, take advantage of the flexibility you get by telecommuting. Working “from home” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay at home all day. Go out to a café with WiFi for a change of scenery. It can really boost your energy. Also, you have fewer ways to waste your time when you’re out in public, so you will be more likely to stay in your chair and get to work rather than getting up to spy on your neighbors again.

Use the right tech

Productivity software significantly improves your ability to be efficient when working away from the office. An all-in-one app like EPS, for instance, offers messaging, video conferencing, and secure file sharing wherever you are. Taking advantage of smart productivity software makes it easier for you to stay connected with your team and be involved in generative processes while you save on commuting time and make it to your kid’s after-school game.
Work-life balance is hard to achieve. Fortunately, new software can help you and your team to succeed at work and at home. Watch here for updates on the smart productivity app that organizes all your work-from-home tasks.

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