“Help! My friend is bleeding!”

That is not what you want to hear after news of yet another school shooting (Central Michigan University). I was the only person available to assist so there was no calling the principal or a teacher. All I saw was a bloody face and hands…

My tight-knit high school crew was often addressed by the mononymous name: 009 (double 0-9) Chicago, IL

In addition to being a first generation American, I grew up in Chicago where most of my middle school peers were Cambodian, Filipino, Laotian, and Vietnamese. A small delegation of my classmates hailed from Nigeria and various parts of South America. …


A case for character in the workplace

Written by co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and president of TalentSmart, Dr. Travis Bradberry, “Exceptional Employees Have Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) is an informative article.

As I read the qualities Dr. Bradberry says defines an exceptional, emotionally intelligent employee, these character traits came to mind: patience, temperance, humility, tact and discernment…

Beautiful things are produced when ART meets SCIENCE: #STEAM dreams 2015!

A comparison between crowd formation and the bell curve

Over the past year, I attended a myriad of marketing-related seminars, workshops and discussions facilitated by industry experts who, to their credit, have decades of experience and success (as demonstrated by millions of dollars in revenue). …

I went whale watching on the Pacific Ocean on #EarthDay 2015 and captured this pic of Haleakalā and Mauna Kahalawai volcanoes in Maui, HI. The photo is unfiltered!

The onus is on marketers to differentiate

As a brand-driven marketer, I admonish clients to get off the band wagon and take the path less travelled by. In fact, my motto is, “If you see a crowd forming, go the other way!” At times, forging a new path is not economically feasible. Budget aside, the path less…

Isha Edwards ♔ i.e.

Brand Marketing Strategist | #IdeaCatalyst | #ENTJ #Globetrotter | www.ishaedwards.com

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