60% Of Women In Silicon Valley Have Been Sexually Harassed
Fast Company

I am certain that Silicon Valley is simply a ‘sample population’ of the harassment and gender imbalance and bias that is prevalent in organizations today. Equalizing the playing field is one way to lower these stats. However, holding leaders accountable is more impactful.

Men do not usually expect women to speak up or challenge them in any way. Doing so with ethics (morality), respect and fairness in mind takes the onus off of women to guard against offenses and makes men personally responsible for their choices as well as their actions.

Like any other ‘ism,’ the root of the issue isn’t a matter of policy. It’s a matter of morality. Policies only address methods. Morality addresses a wayward mindset. The conquering mindset that is nurtured through fraternal-like exchanges is good for war or even sports. It’s not good for team building or business growth and development. It is certainly not the mark of an exceptional leader or one with high emotional intelligence.