#36 | The Old Guard, Copyright, & the New Paradigm

If anyone wants to use my content (EP Nexus) for anything reasonable, then please do. The more people I reach the better. All I want is a backlink or an in-text citation, in return for my energy spent.

*Just please don’t sell my content and profit monetarily from it — which I don’t even do for 99% of my own work.

The Old Guard

The old guard, those that are still becoming acclimated to the spirit of information age, are (generally) crystallized in a view that is opposed to my above statement.

They adhere to the legal language in their copyright statement as if it were spoken from a deity. But that rigid stance is a losing one.

The tide in all media, by every metric, is moving in the opposite direction.

Hordes of the most successful content creators will tell their audience to print their ebook and distribute it, to put their company logo on your website, to make their own t-shirt with the company logo, to print their own stickers with the company logo, to share their MP3, etc.

They know that they can reach more people (and make more money) when they are less rigid in their stance on copyright.

“But, but, but, but, that’s not the way we did things in the past…”

You have free will and you can chose your own path. I’m only describing a pattern that’s been occurring for the past 20 years. As far as I’m concerned, the paradigm has shifted.

Generally, if you’re under 50 and you’ve come in contact with ideas from Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Gary Vanerchuck, and similar personalities, then you’re probably winning in this context already and I’m not telling you anything new.

If you think this is rubbish. Then I’m happy I at least planted the seed in your mind.

Please leave your refutations in the comments section below, so that we can get closer to the truth.

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