#65 | “In the Process”

My Uber driver told me that he’s “in the process” to attend the fire academy.

This is a preferred phrase by all people both fleeing from responsibility and under 30.

It doesn’t matter if he really is “in the process,” because we know that 5 out of 10 people in their 20’s say that they’re actively trying to become a firefighter and they aren’t doing anything to advance toward that purported objective.

Is there a security equivalent of being “in the process?”

Maybe it’s waiting 20 years to write a book about your topic or waiting 30 years to leave position X to do Y.

I know I’ve used one variation or another of this cliche. Heck, I’m “in the process” of getting my CPP, but all I’ve done is order the books (HA!). It’s a secondary project at the moment.

So what’s your “in the process?”

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