#94 | Specialists & Specialists

I take back what I said three weeks ago. I said that graphics (design) was the not-so-obvious Achilles heel of security companies online.

I was wrong.

Their Achilles heel is that they’re inept at marketing, and marketing would include their awful use of graphics (since marketing is every interaction with the prospect).

(Side note: Although, some companies don’t need to market themselves because they have some pretty sweet contacts, contracts, etc. And good for them!)

There’s a California based security consulting company (NOT EP) that I follow. I read all their literature, blogs, newsletters, etc.

These guys know security. They’re freakin experts.

These guys get hired by people that acknowledge that security is important, therefore they will seek advice from a specialist. But ironically, the security specialist doesn’t acknowledge that they don’t know jack about selling their product.

A community college student (a 20-something with a working knowledge of social media; working for ~$20/hr) could probably double their sales because their product is scale-able and because the company is currently sucking at marketing.

But because they’re lost in the sauce, they aren’t capitalizing on this opportunity.

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PS: I know more about political science and security than I do marketing. But it wouldn’t kill you to read a book about sales, marketing, or influence every so often — that’ going to help you more than just an other security book.