Your Content Management System may be headless, but it shouldn’t be brainless. A decoupled architecture takes care of both structure and delivery logic.

Written by Andreea Macoveiciuc, Content Strategist and Front end Developer at ERIKS Digital.

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Create once, publish everywhere: the dream of every (content) marketer.

Create once for the corporate website, rewrite to fit the design of the webshop, shorten and rephrase to fit the social media imagery, rewrite again to fit the newsletter template. Review and start from scratch for every market, because “we don’t speak like that here”. The reality of almost every marketer.

What’s causing this gap between intention and action? What’s broken and where?

In marketing, as in life: your heart may be in the right place, but you also need some brain to turn dreams into reality. …

Written by Muhammad Daud, Data Scientist at ERIKS Digital.

There is no better time than now to talk about data. Big data is changing the way we live our lives. Forget oil and gold, data is the new currency of our time. It has now become a strategic asset. As a business, our ability to extract information can make or break us.

Over the last decade or so, the prominence of data has increased. This has challenged the traditional way of doing business. At ERIKS Digital, we recognise the importance of becoming a data-driven organisation. By using data insights, we can transform and optimise our processes to improve the customer experience, our products and services. …

By João Vilaça, Frontend Engineer at ERIKS Digital.
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Our goal was to turn a huge software platform framework built in 1996, with a huge monolithic codebase and millions of dependencies, decoupled from the frontend, and make it look like it’s 2019. The “beast” I’m talking about is IBM WebSphere Commerce, and the frontend solution was React.

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We are actually using a more recent version but still…

The team I belonged to was responsible for working in the eCommerce platform and the idea was to make the frontend part of it more modern, faster and UX friendly. But we couldn’t just build a single page application because NOT using WCS was not an option (legacy, dependencies, licenses, roadmap, etc…), and besides, it uses server side rendering so we needed a solution to overcome this problem. …


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