#BrandChat: A Review On A Twitter Chat That Discussed Branding and PR Nightmares

Using Twitter chats to boost visitor engagement is a quick, and somewhat easy, way to gain exposure while growing your Twitter following. I quickly learned that although I have posted on Twitter religiously for the last 7 years, entering an official Twitter chat seemed very challenging and a little bit intimidating. I was essentially forcing myself to make sure that my voice was heard while posting tweets that showed my personality and thought processes.

On Wednesday morning at 11:00 am EST, I participated in #BrandChat on Twitter. For those of you who do not know, #BrandChat is a weekly chat that is hosted every Wednesday for one hour by Maria Elena Duron (@mariaduron), Gerald Moczynski (@GeraldMoczynski) and The Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly). The entire purpose of the chat is to discuss all things BRANDing while making use of insights, case studies challenging conversations. And most importantly – with it being hosted on Twitter – it was free to join!

The theme for the chat today was focusing on brand and public relations nightmares. I selected this chat for its theming alone due to the seemingly increasing bouts of public relations disasters that are going on in the current media and social savvy world. With todays interconnected world, a public relations nightmare can realistically be started from one simple tweet, so I was extremely excited to see how other individual’s interpretations and reactions to the questions that were being discussed today.

The first thing that every participant did was introduce themselves – and I am not going to lie, it was pretty interesting seeing how many University of Florida students were going to be participating in the chat for that day. One of the other non-UF participants even stated that it was “Great to see schools like @UF incorporating Twitter chats into their curriculum. Wish I had that option then! #brandchat” (Randy Thio @ideabloke). At that moment, I knew that this chat was going to be very conversational because it showed that tweets are really read – even the “boring” introduction ones.

During the chat, we discussed six (6) different questions (I have also included some sample responses for each question):

· List the brands that have had the biggest PR nightmares of all time (not just 2017)

· 2) Some say all PR is good PR. Your thoughts?

· 3) What’s the 1st 3-steps you recommend for a brand to take ownership of a mistake/issue?

· 4) What best practices have you seen brands successfully do to rebuild their brand?

· 5) What’s your advice on how brands can prevent/avoid PR nightmares?

· 6) How can a brand minimize the clash between legal/compliance & PR especially during a crisis?