E.S.G. JR. Consulting, Inc. www.esgjrconsultinginc.com

A highly successful, motivated person who enjoys a new challenge, applying my vast 25 plus years experience operating, maintaining, developing, designing and implementing Information System technologies in the Military, Private Sector, Corporate and Non-Profit business models. Improve communication networks, cutting costs, beating budget estimates and timelines, creating a competitive model in a fast changing global market place. Connect with me on my website at www.esgjrconsultinginc.com and my social media feeds. Seriously, I have built a career in many industries on identifying the bottlenecks created in a development life cycle. My largest success to date developing technology for Fidelity Investments generating $200 Billion with in a year, earning a President’s Award in Technology. We all like and enjoy success, however team building skills require the dropping of I, the use of us and we. The word can’t, DOES NOT EXIST! It is the word, CAN dressed in a negative failure blanket. We can, we will sounds much better then we can’t or we will fail. It is all about building the best management teams to deliver the best products for our client’s first and foremost. I have been a part of some great teams striving to succeed. During my military career in the U.S. Naval Submarine Service maintaining all weapon systems on board 2 Nuclear powered Fast Attack Submarines being a U.S. Navy Diver exposed me to the kind of leadership as well as the kind of leader that I wanted to be. The balance sheet of loss of life doesn’t give you a second chance and being able to make critical decisions that impact your team to walk away from a bad situation puts it all in perspective. The awards, claim to fame come after the product reaches the market place or your team delivers on a critical timeline. I want to complete an MBA program with a dual concentration in Finance and MIS. Seeking Executive Leadership, I want to generate wealth developing successful business models. My passion is to make a positive change and leave a positive legacy.

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