Dow Jones hitting 20k

Hi everyone,

DOW JONES hitting the 20.000Mark. I suppose there are a few that will have some vacations and those that are short betting on a crash will struggle. Dollar up...and probable bearish trend for XXX/USD pairs.

Risk is back on and US Stock Indices rallying up and save haven assets dumped, yen, silver, gold down. All US Stock Indices rallying and Gold back below 1200. 
I don’t believe in this current outlook to keep on going forever, specially with Trump as President. A turn is at a Presidential tweet away. 
After scaling out Gold and Silver positions I see this current move as a good opportunity to scale back in on heavier support levels to diversify the account and protect it from risk off periods.

Gold has stronger support between 1173–1184 and Silver 16.20–16.40. These levels can be a good starting point for diversifying a non leveraged portfolio.
My analysis are only for educational purposes and does not serve as any trading advice, specially if trading with any leverage. trade at your own risk.

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