Hi everyone,

I am sorry to announce that I am forced to end the 160Gurustats. Last week I stopped getting notifications on my demo accounts about closed positions, withdrawals (dividends) and deposits. This information was key to stay in sync with the demo copy relationship with every single trader, increasing funds when they did to stay in sync, and considering less initial investment amount when they did withdrawals (notification as a dividend pay out).
I have contacted eToro support and the emails send haven’t let me anywhere near an answer or fix of this issue and therefore this will be the last update regard the 160GuruStats.

For full HD, save and open with your pdf viewer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/73ohih2gp203q2h/2016_160Top_eToro_Gurus.pdf?dl=0

Now I will proceed with my own account trackrecord and keep trading as usual making profits and following my strategy compounding profits and regular new investment. It is working great and it’s also reducing risk after each month with great diversification.

Currently at Week 23, since the start of the strategy with increased funds and account grew from 100% to 172%. 
Join my FBGroup and ask me personally about how to reach similar results and make an individual Investment Plan according to your goals and personal situation.

Wish you all safe and wise Investments.