My most honest article so far — I don’t want you as an Investor…

Carlos Lontro
Dec 15, 2017 · 5 min read

Hi everyone,

It has been a crazy week with some turns in the Forex markets and some heavy volatile moves in the crypto world.

I did chat with a lot of people and many of you reached me in hopes to share with them any “get rich make me super duper rich extra high returns quick like 20x in one day with no loss just profits up” advice.

Every time it happens I have to smile, look at my rules and goals that are written and printed in big bold letters and I remember I was the same way 10 years ago. So many keep complaining about how they should have invested in bitcoin, or I should have invested yesterday in that asset I talked about, bla bla wining allover the place and no action.

I dont want to be rude, but someone has to tell you this and it took me a long time to change, it is not an easy path, but nothing is for free and as an adult you should already know this. If you could turn back time you would not be rich today. I can reassure you that if you are not making things right TODAY, how could you in the past.. You keep living in the past and wasting your present without any clear, written, defined,calculated goals for your future.

These emotions you have with your money unable you to invest, fear/greed, you are clearly doing something very wrong. If you make a statement like: “If I would know what I know today I would have invested…”
That is just plain garbage that you keep telling yourself. If you have the knowledge TODAY, why aren’t you INVESTING TODAY to make a profit in the future.
Think along with me. If a past investment generates a present profit, what have you to do to generate a future profit????

Exactly act today! But clearly you have no plan, no goals, you did not make any maths, nothing whatsoever! You just want that 500$ investment that makes you 10.000$.

Will that put money every month/year in your bank? Instead of a quick profit, I seek a yearly dividend from my investments. I believe in my system and strategy, it is based on maths, historical data, fundamentals and money management. With simple maths you can calculate how much you need to retire. The maths are simple, the work and mindset behind are the hard part. Taking action is the hard part. Keeping a monthly plan and goals is the hard part. I can draw a conservative plan and work for it where I only aim the most frugal lifestyle possible with a specific time frame. The best that can happen is making much more money when that time frame is reached, or achieve the target amount much sooner. My plan incorporates diversification as you should never place all eggs in one basket and at least 6 months of a rainy day fund for emergencies. This is very hard to do, and the little money we start with we should invest right? To start generating as quick as possible some money..?? Wrong! You have to do the maths!!! Your priority is finding the right amount to save and invest in the first place. You know that every month you are working to invest that amount. Growing 6 months of expenses as a savings account can be a hard work and take some time, at least start putting money monthly to it as well, for example invest 50$ and place 150$ aside for any emergency. And as you grow your emergency account, start turning the amounts around until you invest 150$ and set aside only 50$.

The emotional freedom you will feel knowing you have money aside that can pay all your bills and food and gas for 6 months combined with a clear plan with goal towards a better future, will make you feel much better and remove those negative feelings you have regards your money and investing.

I dont want anyone without an ESIR mindset as an investor. Having your money working for you takes time, discipilne and dedication, however I want you to read my whitepaper only regards the mindset and let go of the get rich quick dream where you only live in the past and dont move forward. and scroll down and then click on the whitepaper tab.

Ignore everything else. Start fixing the way you thing about investing and start fixing your budget, make the maths, research where you can invest small amounts, gradually and steady.

I personally am invested in Forex on a few brokers, a social trading platform and the last 6 months I started really digging 100% into the Cryptocurrency world. I am human as well and failed regards two of my own rules, diversify and trade what you understand. 6 months ago I did not respect these two rules and I have been feeling a negative emotion that has been growing and growing, but with all the work, accounts, crypto, forex, followers, blog, group, life, yeah I have a life too, even my girlfriend noticed I have been different… This week I took one day to stop, grabbed a paper and a pen. Every successful people with a clear plan of action has to write down their goals, how to achieve them, a plan, maths, etc…and reanalyzed that plan. And so did I!

The hardest part is to make a decision and do execute it. You have to decide and be 100% sure of what you want.
I closed that one investment that was making me feel uncomfortable.
The 6 months I have been researching and studying and writing notes all over the papers on my desk, left me to build a portfolio I am comfortable with and feel confident with it. It is diversified and now I feel liberated!

I want you to experience this feeling as well and that requires you to grab a paper and a pen too. Read the white paper and think about the changes that you can accomplish staying in your current mindset, or changing to an ESIR Mindset. I don’t want you as an Investor, I want you to grow a healthy mindset regards Investing in the first place.

I wish you all the best of luck, strength and motivation to prove everyone around you that you can do it.

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Carlos Lontro

Written by

Hi, I’m Carlos. A Popular Investor @eToro -> ESIRInvestors; and Asset Manager & administrator of ESIR Investors Community on FB.

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