Dota 2, Chinese pubs features

Observations, notes, and some graphics.

Server — Perfect world.

1000 random matches.

Average MMR 4–7k.

Chinese random and it’s meta

We all know what is meta, for those who do not know, meta — it’s a strategy of the game, like the picks, timings, lineups, skill and itembuilds, which are coming almost to a one pattern, not for long — till creating a new one or returning old.

Usually, in pro games, meta comes off pretty fast and lasts only couple of tournaments, but in random pubs roots permanently.

But if European and CIS dota players from time to time break meta in their matches, the Chinese players strictly follow the applicable standard in any situation, without burdening themselves any agony of choice.

In a series of graphic artworks, made by the Chinese artist Yang Liu, arts clearly show the differences between the Western and European approaches to life.

* We made a little dilution with some of them for translation into eSports subjects.

Personality and personal choice

There are almost no mavericks, even less in China Esports. It is reasonable to assume that the total lack of originality is explained with the Chinese mentality.

The value of own “Self”, is none. In China in the 80s there was a very popular song called “Little me”.

Fashion makes laws

The Chinese are susceptible to fashion and big fans of imitation.

Who sets fashion?

Authorities set new trends. Actors, singers, superiors, officials recognized publicly. And it is not hard to guess that, for example, in DotA, it is all the same well-known athletes, treated kindly by the people’s love with gained popularity both inside and outside the country, and sometimes it more looks like bigotry.

The importance of leader’s opinion.

But for fairness sake it should be noted as well that Chinese is easier to maintain communication, because they are attached to the commune from childhood. Because in China, personal relationships play a crucial role.

From little up chink dwells is social web of all kinds — family, friendship, office. It is believed that through this you can solve a lot of questions. This same abundance of comprehensive contacts teaches social flexibility and the ability to compromise.

Birds of a feather flock together.

One of the characteristics of the Chinese — collectivism, excellence is not accepted, and even ashamed. Upstarts are blamed, and the tagline “be like others” precedes any activity.


Getting rid of the ego massively promoted and the desire to merge with the crowd turns into an unconscious reflex. They always try to be with someone together, they really do not like solitude. The Chinese even feel sorry for the one who is alone.

* In the West, on the contrary, individualism is cultivated. *

But the more insignificant ego, the harder it is to undermine.

A good face at bad game

Saving face in all situations — another quality of Chinese.

Chinese rarely get sad, at least so it seems, likewise, are rarely leave the game long before the throne falls or gets AFK — because he (specifically he!) doing bad, or vice versa team are “lowskills” so — “you do not deserve to win.”

And also does not turn the general chat into the book of complaints than every other sin in the vast European community. Well, in general “chat-flaming” as such between the warring parties does not occur.

Foreigners do not care what others think. If he is angry, it is immediately obvious. If he has something to give, he just has to say about it. We can say that in this area at the European mentality is much more healthy than the Chinese.

Even when Chinese already on the verge of dissatisfaction, he will not show this and there will be easy smile on his. Persistence and perseverance with self-control is the watchword of these brave guys.

Suffering for a friend doubleth friendship.

Social communications

In the context of Dota 2 this is reflected in the role of mobility. Very rarely in perfect-world pubs you can see the phenomenon of “mid or feed”, because Chinese willingly concede to the line and the role of his teammate, hardened Mid easily transplanted to a support, buy couriers and Wards.

Europeans often struggle and stand on his own, disagreeing with his team’s wishes, he’s able to pick main character and go as two on the midlane — “we’ll stand together, I’ll leave you with no lasthits and you’ll leave by yourself” or any other.

Also, there’s possibility that unviable role will be taken, not trying at all, just to blame the one who refused to give in, “well, I’ll get support, but do not wait for any help, let’s see how will you do it with no chicken “.

If you look at the profile of Asian, you can see a combo of core characters and how they are getting easily replaced by a 4–5 position’s icon or even a mix of a variety of characters.

It is important to emphasise this when analyzing an account and not to entrust your hopes on “Chinese slark”, it is possible that he plays him one time per month and only at the request of his teammates.

“At European’s parties often arranged with buffet. Society is divided into small groups. The Chinese often sit at a large communal table, where all the dishes placed at circle. Fend off society — not very polite. “

Reinterpreted in the Dota’s manners. Comments are superfluous.

Public conduct

Perhaps for this reason, the average Chinese player not producing any identification with the pool of certain characters, but nothing human is foreign to them.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that one, who sacrificed his own interests for the sake of the common cause, will do his best to achieve the victory.

European statistics is often like pool of 4–5 favourite characters.

And more than often — european slark is experienced and confident, because he played a lot, may be not perfect, but at least stable and with using of his experience.

Accordingly — a lack of skill in China is compensated with an established relationship and vice versa, in case of their European colleagues.

Well, in general, that’s all we have been able to notice, write in comments your observations and do not forget that everything is relative, and this article does not claimed to be the true one, there are exceptions.

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