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Studies have shown increasingly high levels of substance abuse, depression and anxiety among US attorneys, with direct correlation to workload and office culture. Coupled with Thompson Hine’s findings in its Closing the Innovation Gap survey, which sheds light on the strikingly low
level of innovation and new technology adaption across law firms, it is no surprise that many have called for an overturn of the traditional legal services model.

One solution for attorneys is to join over 1 million people and 13,800 coworking spaces worldwide in the coworking movement, one which places value on building community, collaboration, learning and sustainability. It is thought that the commercial office landscape has
changed forever as a result of coworking. Harvard Business Review has further confirmed that a shared, communal work environment for
independent professionals thrive at higher levels than their office-based counterparts. …



ESQlegal is a collaborative, coworking space for corporate, start-up, and technology solo attorneys and small firms.

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