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30 Reasons to Upgrade to Exact Macola 10 ERP with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

Are you a current Exact Macola Progression or Exact Macola ES user? Kudos to you for sticking with a system that works.

While it can be tempting to continue to operate your business with an ERP system that’s worked for you for many years, there are also many smart, strategic reasons to upgrade to the latest technologies. Exceptional Software Solutions LLC presents 30 reasons to upgrade with us!

#1. Exact Macola 10 is an award-winning ERP solution.

Exact Macola 10 was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan and awarded a 2015 Best Practices Award in North American ERP for Food & Beverage.

What can Exact Macola 10 ERP do for you? Read on to find out!

“Exact has offered an easy-to-use and well-integrated Exact Macola 10 ERP solution that is truly dynamic, configurable, and customizable. This has helped a number of food and beverage manufacturers in North America to successfully and easily account for process variances, in addition to helping them save time, avoid delays otherwise caused due to paper-based tasks and human errors, and provide a user-friendly work experience that is accessible at any time and from anywhere. Most importantly, Exact Macola 10 ERP supports customer growth by offering extended capabilities they need as businesses evolve. With its strong overall performance, Exact has earned the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award.” — Frost & Sullivan

#2. Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of professionals has a combined 300+ years experience in Exact Macola software.

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We know Exact Macola software inside out, and we know how to make it work with your unique needs.

We value transparency, trust and partnership in all that we do. Learn more about our values and our Service Delivery Model, and hear what some of our customers have to say:

“Tod’s approach is to gain an understanding of the business and then to offer up the best solutions possible to assist the customer. He is very transparent with his comments…and truthfully tells the client what they need to hear; not what they want to hear. Tod is in the business of helping customers first and foremost…and selling software is secondary.” — Jennifer Belk, AMI Bearings, Inc.
“Tod and his consultants are top notch. Prompt responses to every question sent their way. A pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in their field.” — Elke Hoffman, Goeman Wood Products
“We have found Tod and his team to always be ready when we need help or want to run ideas by them on how to improve our business processes with Exact Solutions. Tod and his team are some of the best we have worked with and we enjoy their knowledge from a complete distribution standpoint.” — Brad Dettman, Food Ingredients Inc

Visit our website at for more customer testimonials.

#3. Exact Macola 10 is software you can grow into.

Exact Macola 10 includes core ERP functionality and modules for activity and process management. Use what you need now and grow into greater functionality in the future without incurring additional license and support charges. There are no fluctuating and complicated support and maintenance costs — it’s simply based on number of users.

#4. More capabilities

Exact Macola 10 includes capabilities of four leading, proven Exact products within ONE integrated platform:
- Exact Macola ES
- Exact Synergy
- Exact Macola Navigator
- Exact Event Manager

#5. Fully-integrated CRM

Speaking of more capabilities, Exact’s CRM system — Exact Synergy — is built right into Exact Macola 10. Every lead, sale, email, phone call, brochure request and quote request is available to you anywhere, and at any time with Exact Synergy CRM.

Read our Transformation Through Synergy blog series to learn more about how Exceptional Software Solutions LLC has helped improve our customers’ businesses with Exact Synergy CRM.

#6. Personalized Workspaces designed for you

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Exact Macola 10's role-based workspaces include only the tasks each user is responsible for, which eliminates wasted “clicks” and “tabs” necessary to navigate to functional screens. Whether you’re an executive, or in finance, purchasing, sales, etc., Exact Macola 10's personalized workspaces help you view relevant details pertinent to your role.

#7. Workspaces out-of-the-box

Exact Macola 10 comes with over 40 Personalized Workspaces out-of-the-box, allowing you to implement role-based workspaces immediately. Or, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of professionals can help you customize them to your preference.

#8. Workspaces drill-down for deeper understanding

Exact Macola 10's Personalized Workspaces are made up of context-driven menus, dashboards, charts, graphs and reports — many of which allow you to click on the item and drill-down into the data to learn how and where the information is compiled.

#9. Workspaces are accessible via mobile devices

Contact us to discuss customizing Personalized Workspaces to fit your needs

Personalized Workspaces can be accessed over the web with your PC, tablet and smartphone — meaning your business is mobile with Exact Macola 10.

#10. Take action directly from your Workspace

Exact Macola 10's workspaces not only allow you to click into the details pertinent to your role, but users can take action directly from their Workspace dashboard for quicker execution on tasks.

#11. Information now

Exact Macola 10 means real-time data sync between your front and back office — giving you more accurate information when you need it.

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s implementation experts guide you through the upgrade so that your information is easily accessible and working for YOU — before, during and after the upgrade.

#12. Activity and Process Management helps control information flow

Exact Macola 10's Activity and Process Management capabilities help control the flow of information within the core ERP functionality through workflow, automation and document management — all meant to provide a smoother, more efficient experience to reduce time and the potential for human errors. See reasons 13 through 19 below for further benefits of Activity and Process Management.

#13. Workflow keeps your processes in order

We’ve blogged a lot about our work with Exact Synergy CRM, and the workflows that we’ve created for customers to improve their businesses from quote follow-up to internal review processes. As mentioned in Reason #4, one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to Exact Macola 10 is its inclusion of four leading Exact Macola solutions into one powerful system — and Exact Synergy is one of these systems. Exact Synergy’s workflow capabilities are included in Exact Macola 10 to organize the flow of your business’s processes.

#14. Workflow experts — we’ve got them.

No matter how unique or intricate your company’s processes or desired workflows are, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. With some of the world’s leading Exact Synergy experts on our team, we love to create workflow solutions for your complex problems.

#15. Automation: remembering so that you don’t have to

Wouldn’t it be nice for your ERP system to remind you when to do something, or automatically perform tasks, so that you wouldn’t have to remember yourself? Exact Macola 10 does just that. It’s automation features — thanks to the incorporation of Exact Event Manager — can be configured to automatically take a particular action once triggered or scheduled. For example, in helping one company to shorten its sales cycles and improve quote follow-up processes, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC employed the use of Exact Synergy and Exact Event Manager to send automatic alerts to sales staff to follow up with customers on a predefined schedule.

#16. Do more with Automation

Exact Macola 10's automation capabilities are designed to help free your staff to spend more time on strategic tasks rather than administration. With automation, Exact Macola 10 can: send automatic order confirmations to your customers, check and update inventory status, order materials and more. Curious what automation can do for your unique business? Contact us at

#17. Document management means organization and collaboration

Yet another benefit of the incorporation of the powerful Exact Synergy into Exact Macola 10 is superior document management capabilities. Efficient digital document management means less paper documentation that’s prone to error and misplacement, better collaboration among your employees regardless of their physical location, and organized knowledge in one central location.

#18. Document management helps meet ISO 9000 certification standards

Our team of professionals has helped many customers optimize document management capabilities in numerous ways that are highly beneficial to their businesses. One example is utilizing document management capabilities to help meet ISO 9000 certification standards. Read more about it here.

#19. Document management helps manage knowledge within your organization and a multigenerational workforce

Effective document management doesn’t only mean improved day-to-day operations. It means capturing and exposing your company’s information to the right employees at the right time, and preserving and sharing knowledge between seasoned and new employees. Learn how Exceptional Software Solutions LLC has used document management to improve knowledge share and knowledge transfer here.

#20. Updated technology can be a competitive advantage.

“A company’s unique business processes can now be propagated with much higher fidelity across the organization by embedding it in enterprise information technology. As a result, an innovator with a better way of doing things can scale up with unprecedented speed to dominate an industry.”

— Harvard Business Review, “Investing in the IT That Makes a Competitive Difference

Studies show that organizations that invest in technology, both in quantity and quality, can gain a competitive advantage over those that don’t — especially when it comes to using technology for process management. Don’t be left behind when it comes to updated, newer, more effective technology for your business.

#21. Updating doesn’t have to mean a higher price.

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With the inclusion of four leading Exact Macola applications — Exact Macola ES ERP, Exact Synergy, Exact Event Manager and Exact Macola Navigator — into one powerful system, from a licensing perspective, Exact Macola 10 is less expensive than purchasing all components separately.

#22. ERP that’s strong at its core

Exact Macola 10 is built on a 40-year legacy of strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specifically designed to serve small to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organizations. Based on the proven core ERP foundation of Exact Macola ES and incorporating new technology, Exact Macola 10 users gain the best of both worlds. And with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s 300+ years of combined experience with Exact Macola software, we’re here to guide you every step of the way toward your new and improved solution.

Read reasons #23 —27 below for a more detailed description of Exact Macola 10's core business functionality.

#23. Exact Macola 10 is Manufacturing

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC serves SMB manufacturers and distributors in industries including food and beverage, chemical, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and many more. Exact Macola 10's core ERP functionality is designed to streamline manufacturing processes, and ESS LLC is here to make sure the functionality fits your unique needs. Functionality includes:

  • Bill of Material
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Cost Accounting
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Production Order Processing
  • Standard Costing

And much more. Contact us at to discuss the full manufacturing functionality of Exact Macola 10.

#24. Exact Macola 10 is Distribution

Exact Macola 10's Distribution functionality is designed to streamline your inventory, order and distribution processes so that you can better serve your customer. Distribution functionality includes:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Entry
  • Purchase Order
  • Advanced Distrubtion

And much more. Contact us at to discuss the full distribution functionality of Exact Macola 10.

#25. Exact Macola 10 is Accounting and Finance

A complete, detailed, up-to-date financial view of your business is critical to success. Exact Macola 10 provides comprehensive financial and accounting functionality including:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Assets and Depreciation

And much more. Contact us at to discuss the full accounting and finance functionality of Exact Macola 10.

#26. Exact Macola 10 is Project Management

Without effective project management, the core elements of your business would not flow effectively. Equally as important as the manufacturing, distribution, accounting and finances of your business is the timely execution of each of these parts. Exact Macola 10's Project Management functionality is built to help you manage your processes so that your business can excel. Project management functions include:

  • Activity Tracking
  • Project Cost Accounting and Financial Reporting

And much more. Contact us at to discuss the full Project Management functionality of Exact Macola 10.

#27. Exact Macola 10 is Quality Management

Project Management is necessary for efficiency of execution. But Quality Management is necessary for your business’s longevity. It’s a business’s reputation and its lifeblood. Exact Macola 10's Quality Management functionality helps put the processes in place that manage people, processes, systems and overall quality, including:

  • Audit Processes
  • Training Tracking
  • Tool and Gauge Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance

And much more. Contact us at to discuss the full Quality Management functionality of Exact Macola 10.

#28. Improved mobile apps

Contact us at to discuss upgrading today.

Business is no longer done solely in our offices, but wherever we are, thanks to mobile devices. As our world becomes increasingly mobile, so does Exact Macola 10. Mobile apps are improved and enhanced with new features such as:

  • Nearby customer search and customer information cards
  • Inventory search
  • Quote generation and order entry
  • Viewable workspaces and much more

#29. Integration of leading partner solutions

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC maintains strong relationships with innovative third party solution providers that create companion solutions to enhance the functionality of Exact Macola 10. Our team of professionals has years of experience in integrating these leading third party solutions with Exact Macola ERP to fit the unique needs of your business. Just a few of our leading partners include:

  • WiSys: the recommended Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Exact Macola Progression, ES and Exact Macola 10.
  • Lynq: iLynq Labour by Lynq manages labor and provides the data to cut costs, improve productivity and streamline admin.
  • Snyperdyne: Nomad erpCommerce by Sniperdyne is an eCommerce shopping cart application built to directly integrate with Exact Macola Progression, ES and Exact Macola 10.

Visit our website at to learn more about our Exact Macola partners and companion solutions.

#30. Because it’s time.

If you’re running Exact Macola Progression or Exact Macola ES, we’re proud that you’ve chosen a proven, tried-and-true solution for your business. We also understand the importance of adopting newer, modern technology and the positive impact it can have on your business. Exact Macola 10 is designed to address the changing, ever-evolving world of technology so that your business can continue to grow. At Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, our 300+ combined years of experience means that we’ve witnessed changes and transitions just like you have. And we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss upgrading to Exact Macola 10 with Exceptional Software Solutions LLC.

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