5 Businesses That Benefit from Exact Globe Next ERP

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC identifies how five types of businesses benefit most from Exact Globe Next ERP.

Exact Globe is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that was first established over 30 years ago. Today, thousands of organizations worldwide use Exact Globe Next ERP to run their businesses.

With 300+ combined years of experience, Exceptional Software Solutions LLC’s team of professionals is comprised of some of the world’s leading experts on Exact Globe ERP and its companion solutions (including Exact Synergy CRM). Here we’ve identified five types of businesses that benefit most from Exact Globe Next ERP, and how.

1. Make-to-order manufacturers

Exact Globe’s project module and powerful financial capabilities work hand-in-hand for make-to-order or custom manufacturers. Without an efficient system for tracking transactions, costs, time and labor, these manufacturers face the challenge of unpredictable revenue. Which projects make the most money? Which make the least? How can we better use our resources? With the ability to create a new project for every order and properly record transactions within the project — including cost of supplies, labor, hours, etc. — on the company’s balance sheet, Exact Globe Next ERP provides the data necessary to answer these questions and maximize the profitability of a make-to-order or custom business.

2. Organizations that do business internationally

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Exact Globe was originally designed with international organizations in mind. Since its initial release over 30 years ago, Exact Globe ERP has aimed to support organizations that deal internationally and in multicurrency. Without the proper tools in place, dealing with multiple currencies, different taxation rates and the financial rules and regulations of multiple countries is no small feat. Exact Globe Next ERP seamlessly handles exchange rates and has built-in financial information to support accounting legislation and accounting practices in multiple countries with different laws regarding taxation, reporting and more.

3. Organizations that have international and/or multilingual offices

In line with its international focus, Exact Globe Next supports organizations with multiple international offices that want to share information and view the same data but need to do so in multiple languages. For instance, a company may have one office that is English-speaking and another that is Chinese-speaking, yet want to share the same information without interruption. For this reason, Exact Globe is available in multiple languages, including within the same organization.

4. Non-profit organizations

The power of Exact Globe Next ERP is not just for manufacturing and distribution companies but is used by many service organizations around the world, including non-profit organizations. Because of Exact Globe’s mighty financial capabilities, non-profit organizations use the software to effectively track incoming donations, funds, activities, service hours and other operations, and use this data to not only track efficiency of projects and use of resources, but is used to meet reporting requirements.

5. Services organizations

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Like make-to-order manufacturers, services organizations such as accounting firms, consulting firms and government agencies are all about hour and labor tracking — including which projects are most profitable, where resources are allocated and which resources yield the most productivity. Within organizations where the services and knowledge of the people are the product, tracking employees’ time and resources are critical. Exact Globe Next ERP combined with Exact Synergy CRM allows an additional flow of communication — both between company and customer, and internally within the organization — for proper tracking of workflow, project quoting, invoice approval, internal review processes, knowledge sharing and more.

Of course, these are just a few examples of business that benefit from the power of Exact Globe Next ERP. We’d love to discuss how Exact Globe can benefit your business.

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