Denbow: Revolutionizing sales and admin with Exact Globe ERP and Exact Synergy CRM

Learn how Denbow, an innovator in the processing and delivery of forest residuals, uses Exact Globe ERP and Synergy CRM to improve its processes

Denbow specializes in the processing, delivery and installation of forest residuals. A pioneer in the beneficial reuse of trees, Denbow serves over 8,000 customers throughout British Columbia from homeowners to landscape designers, farmers and government agencies.

Innovating products, services and now processes

Since its beginnings in 1981, Denbow has grown its people, products and service offerings through innovation, leadership and quality service. In 2008, Denbow adopted Exact Globe ERP and Synergy CRM to bring its administrative and sales processes up to the same forward-thinking standards as the rest of the business.

Before adopting Globe and Synergy, Denbow utilized a DOS-based trucking software system. And although trucking is a part of Denbow’s business, the company is not a traditional trucking company. In fact, according to Willetta Les, Marketing, Sales & Office Manager of Denbow, the business is unlike any other. Thus, an out-of-the-box software solution was not the right fit.

Denbow needed a software solution that was customizable to the company’s specific needs and processes, and would help them improve these processes.

With Exact Globe ERP and Exact Synergy CRM, along with Exact Event Manager, Denbow got this and much more.

Robust software capabilities combined with consulting expertise

Willetta was trained as a super user when the company first adopted Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, but with its vast capabilities — especially Synergy’s — Willetta ran into difficulty when it came to utilizing the software to best fit the company’s unique needs.

Frank Ezinga, an Exceptional Software Solutions LLC Senior Consultant, helped Denbow set up the system and create processes and workflows that worked for their needs and optimized their business. “The workflows and processes have changed how we administratively handle so many things,” says Willetta.

With the capabilities of Exact Globe ERP, Exact Synergy CRM and Exact Event Manager combined with Frank’s expertise, Denbow has achieved the following:

Improved and automated quote follow-up

With the integration of Exact Synergy CRM and Exact Event Manager, Denbow’s quoting follow-up process is automated so that when a quote is created, based on a configurable timeframe, sales staff receives automated alerts to follow-up. Each quote must be resolved as a win or a loss. “It seems crazy that we didn’t follow up on quotes before. It’s the easiest way to get sales,” says Willetta. Now, Denbow has a transparent system that allows sales staff and managers to view the workflow, quote status, history of interactions with the customer and history of wins and losses.

Improved invoicing processes

“We used to be consistently a week behind in invoicing,” says Willetta. Just as Denbow would catch up on invoices, a week later, they’d be in the same situation — struggling to catch up on invoicing again.

“Now, we consistently invoice today for yesterday’s work.” And depending on customer preference, the invoices are automatically sent via email or mail.

Automated sales orders

Previously, Denbow would print sales order confirmations along with a copy of the estimate worksheet, and the staff in the field would use these hard copies for direction on jobsites. These hard copies would often go missing in the shuffle. Now, with the sync between Exact Globe and Synergy, all estimate worksheets and sales orders are attached to the Dispatch Request as PDFs and can be accessed digitally. Each day the sales order list for tomorrow is automatically generated. “This process alone saves us an hour a day,” says Willetta.

Proactive customer service

Though Denbow has always been proactive in its innovation of services, the company had been generally reactive as far as sales and administration. With Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Event Manager, this is no longer the case.

Denbow can now monitor its customers’ behaviors and receive alerts when, for example, a customer who consistently places a regular order has missed an order. This allows Denbow to contact the customer to learn what has caused the interruption of the order, aiding in customer retention.

Educated management decisions through transparency

With workflow processes, documentation, customer interaction history and more automatically stored and easily accessible in Synergy, Willetta has gained transparency as a manager. She can now see how staff interacts with customers, when certain team members have too much on their plate, and when work needs to be redistributed or new employees added.

Revolutionized sales and administrative processes

“Our administration time has been reduced so much,” says Willetta. Even tasks such as automatically scanning documents right in to Exact Synergy from the office scanner, and the ability to request and track vacation time through Synergy has made a big difference in the efficiency of processes, transparency of information and improved communication among the team.

“We now work as a much more cohesive team as compared to before, which is important to our growth,” says Willetta. “We’ve been able to achieve our dreams, and now we’re moving on to newer and bigger dreams.”

This is just a sampling of what makes Exact Globe and Exact Synergy powerful and critical to the success of thousands of companies. View the Exact Globe Next ERP brochure and the Exact Synergy CRM brochure to learn more about features and functionality, and contact us to learn if these solutions could be right for you.

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