Do you use Exact Event Manager? If not, you should. Here’s why.

How Exceptional Software Solutions LLC uses Exact Event Manager to help customers improve and update communications

We’ve become accustomed to doing a vast majority of our personal business online. We’re used to going online to check our usage, bill, plan, add-ons, upgrade options and more for our cell phones. Our utility companies provide online access to our accounts. More and more companies try to move us to electronic billing and send invoices and statements electronically. Nowadays it is expected to have online access to our accounts 24/7.

But there are still many Exact Macola and Exact Globe ERP users that do not offer online access to their own customers. Often, a customer can only obtain a copy of an invoice or statement by making a phone call. When payments are processed, vendors only know when the snail-mail has arrived. And internally, time and money is wasted in answering phone calls, leaving voice messages, keeping track of time zones and providing information that was already shared previously.

Updating your customer experience and communications

The customer and vendor experience can be improved by providing electronic communication and online portals, where information is instantly communicated and available at any time. This isn’t intended to replace customer service and personal contact between vendors and customers; rather improves the quality of communication by streamlining business transactions and increasing the efficiency of administration.

At Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, we help our customers achieve this efficiency using Exact Event Manager as well as Exact Synergy Enterprise in conjunction with your Exact Globe or Exact Macola ERP.

Exact Event Manager is an application that monitors business data and automatically takes action on a predefined schedule. Exact Event Manager allows Exact Macola, Globe and Synergy users to control operations through automated tasks, provides timely alerts when there is a problem or exception, and offers critical capabilities required to keep a manufacturing operation running smoothly. In other words, Exact Event Manager can be configured to automatically take action so that you don’t have to.

In combination with Exact Synergy CRM, Exact Event Manager can perform powerful functions for your business.

Screenshot showing Exact Event Manager details

Did you know that if you own Exact Event Manager:

  • Quotes can be automatically emailed to your customers
  • Quotes can be automatically saved and linked to customers in Synergy
  • Customers can be automatically emailed when a quote has been converted to an order
  • Order confirmations can be automatically emailed to customers and saved in Synergy at the same time
  • Changes to sales orders can be automatically emailed to customers
  • Sales Invoices can be automatically emailed to customers
  • Sales Invoices can be automatically saved and linked to customers in Synergy
  • Delivery notifications can be emailed to your customer upon shipment of goods
  • Delivery notifications can be automatically saved and linked to customers in Synergy
  • Monthly statements can be automatically emailed to the customer and saved in Synergy
  • Purchase orders can be automatically emailed to the vendor
  • Purchase orders can be automatically saved and linked to vendor in Synergy
  • Notification of ‘Partial Receipt’ can be emailed to the Purchasing Department
  • A ‘Payment Notification’ can be automatically emailed to your vendor when a payment has processed
  • And more
Example of set up for emailing and saving invoices

Did you know that if you also own Exact Synergy CRM:

Your customers can log on to the Synergy Customer Portal and review and download:

  • Invoices
  • Delivery Slips
  • Statements
  • Payments
  • And more

Your vendors can log on to the Synergy Vendor Portal and review and download:

  • POs
  • Payments
  • And more
Customer’s view of documents within the customer portal

Improving the way things have ‘always been done’

Implementing portals and electronic communication often requires some process changes and adjustment in the way that things “have always been done.” However, the experience improves exponentially as customers and vendors realize that they can easily reconcile their records with your records, work when they like regardless of your office hours as information is available 24/7, and save time by receiving information instantly via email or through customer and vendor portals.

Exact Event Manager works with:

  • Exact ERP solutions such as Exact Macola ES, Exact Globe Next and Exact Macola Progression
  • Exact Synergy Enterprise CRM
  • It is automatically included in Exact Macola 10 ERP (along with Exact Synergy CRM)

Interested in learning more about the powerful, time-saving capabilities of Exact Event Manager? Feel free to contact us directly by emailing or visit our website at

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