Exact Globe Next ERP: What can it do for you?

Read on to learn what sets Exact Globe Next apart and how customers benefit.

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Behind every great company is the efficient management of all standard financial and administrative processes.

In this blog, we outline just a few ways in which Exact Globe Next — a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution with a 30-year legacy of serving thousands of companies globally — has helped companies achieve efficient process management.

Who uses it and what sets it apart?

Exact Globe Next’s project module and financial capabilities are two of the most notable features that set it apart from other ERPs. These features make it an ideal solution for organizations that provide products, services or both — including make-to-order manufacturers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, banks, accounting firms and more.

For instance, with Exact Globe Next, a make-to-order manufacturer benefits from the ability to create a project for every custom order that the company receives. Within that project, Exact Globe Next displays transactions and properly records these transactions on the company’s balance sheet. Transactions could include the purchase of specific supplies from a third party supplier, the cost of these supplies, the hours required to create the custom product, multiple rates at which these hours are billed, etc. And in Exact Globe Next, every sales order includes an interactive workflow so that 1) all necessary workflow steps are known and visible to any party that views the sales order and 2) are clickable so that each transaction within each step of the workflow is visible.

How one customer benefits from Exact Globe Next

So, how does a company benefit from this information? Before implementing Exact Globe Next, one make-to-order manufacturer was in the dark regarding how much money the company made (or lost) on each custom order. Because the company started small and grew quickly, processes were not clearly defined or documented. Employees generally rolled up their sleeves and did whatever work needed to be done — but without clearly documented processes or clearly outlined responsibilities for each employee. Although things got accomplished this way and orders were fulfilled, the company was unable to determine which projects were most and least profitable for the company.

For this customer, the solution was Exact Globe Next ERP combined with Exact Synergy CRM, which helped the company refine its processes and clearly track labor, materials, costs and the quoting process — and ultimately determine where the company made its money. With this valuable knowledge uncovered, the company could capitalize on what worked and address the areas that needed refinement.

But wait, there’s more

Since its initial release 30 years ago, Exact Globe ERP has aimed to support organizations that deal internationally. So, in addition to benefiting companies that sell make-to-order products, services or both, Exact Globe Next is highly popular amongst organizations that are multilingual, multicurrency and/or global — or look to become global in the future.

Available in many languages, Exact Globe Next supports organizations with multiple offices that want to share information but need to use the system in multiple languages — for instance, a company may have one office that is English-speaking and another that is Chinese-speaking, yet want to share the same information without interruption.

Exact Globe Next also seamlessly handles exchange rates and has built-in financial information to support accounting legislation and accounting practices in multiple countries with different laws regarding taxation, reporting and more.

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Hear from our Exact Globe experts

This is just a sampling of what makes Exact Globe Next powerful and critical to the success of thousands of companies — and there’s much more to know! View the Exact Globe Next brochure to learn more about features and functionality, contact us to learn if Exact Globe Next could be right for you, or check out another one of our Exact Globe ERP blogs:

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