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Exact Macola Add-On Solution: Sales Forecasting Application for Exact Macola 10, ES and Progression (SQL) ERP

The team at Exceptional Software Solutions LLC brings you an easier, more transparent way to manage sales forecasting for Exact Macola 10, ES and Progression (SQL) ERP

“No one can predict the future with 100 percent certainty, but intelligent forecasting models can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do a better job of planning for it.” — Inc. Magazine

For our SMB manufacturing and distribution customers, forecasting is a cornerstone of successful business. More accurate forecasting means better planning for sales budgets, materials, inventory, labor and more. In order to create the most accurate projections for the future, a transparent, comprehensive view of past sales figures and current forecast variables is key.

“One of the best tools available for forecasting unit sales is historical data.” — Inc. Magazine

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC offers a Sales Forecasting Application for Exact Macola 10, ES and Exact Macola Progression (SQL) that makes the forecasting process less time intensive and offers a more holistic view than what the “Sales Forecast Orders” screen in Macola can provide.

An improved version of your “Sales Forecast Orders” screen in Macola

If you’re an Exact Macola 10, ES or Progression (SQL) ERP user, you’re likely familiar with the “Sales Forecast Orders” screen shown below. And if you’re responsible for entering sales forecast order data into this screen, you’re familiar with the laborious, time-intensive process of entering forecast data one by one.

“Sales Forecast Orders” screen in Macola

The Sales Forecasting Application solves this issue by providing a spreadsheet-style, highly configurable view of a variety of forecasting data points — including prior periods’ actual sales figures, current forecast variables and current actual sales — in an all-in-one comprehensive view, allowing for entry of multiple data points, including items, customers, periods, etc. on one screen instead of entering and submitting data points one-by-one. This comprehensive forecast data can then be submitted to Macola in the format that works best for your business (ie: by week, month, etc.), providing you with better overall forecast visibility and easier-to-access data points in a less labor-intensive, time consuming manner.

Exact Macola Sales Forecasting Application Benefits

  • Comprehensive view of actual sales and forecast variables
  • Ability to enter many variables for many customers, items, periods in one view
  • Ability to save work without having to submit to Macola
  • Comes integrated with your Macola system; displays your customers, items and descriptions and past sales data
  • Easy one-click submittal of all forecast data at once reduces administrative time
  • Improves visibility into which customers, items, are driving sales and demand
  • Highly configurable
  • Use of the Sales Forecasting Application does not involve an update to your Macola ERP

Exact Macola Sales Forecasting Application Features

  • Spreadsheet format that allows you to view, sort and enter many points of forecast data on one table instead of one-by-one, including breakdown by: customer, item, period
  • Visually-friendly view that’s not available in Macola alone
  • Import and copy data from past periods to compare by customer, period, item
  • Ability to create automated forecasts based on previous period’s actual sales and increase/decrease by percentage. For example: Increase last year’s sales by 15% (See screenshot below)
  • Periods that have passed are locked for editing to prevent retroactive editing of forecasts/preserving forecast history
  • Import to/from Macola option
  • Import to/from Excel option
  • Rolling forecast — adjust as you go
  • Simple mode facilitates quick data entry. Hides all the other extraneous information and displays ONLY the data entry fields. (See screenshot below)
  • Configure how sales forecast data is submitted to Macola (ie: by week, month)
  • Configurable option to turn on password
  • Configure view-only or editing permissions
  • And more
Create forecasts based on past data and increasing by 15%
Simple Mode
View of sales forecasting data without individual customer breakdown
Import from Excel option
Reports screen

The streamlined, powerful Sales Forecasting Application is designed to fill a gap for Exact Macola 10, ES and Exact Macola Progression (SQL) users who require a more holistic, comprehensive, user-friendly functionality than what the “Sales Forecast Orders” screen in Macola can provide.

For more information regarding the Sales Forecasting Application for Exact Macola 10, ES and Progression (SQL) ERP, feel free to contact us at and visit our website at

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